How to Install Speakers in a Ford Ranger

by Travis Corkery

Most Ford Ranger pick-ups come equipped with two pairs of 6 x 8-inch speakers, one in each front door, and a pair located in the rear panels at the rear of the interior compartment. Although 6 x 8 inches is the official speaker size, most 5 x 7-inch speakers will fit in the factory hole with no modification required. Many Ranger owners prefer to replace the factory speakers with 6.5-inch round speakers to increase sound quality. To do this, light fabrication may be required.

Step 1

Remove all door screws, window crank (if equipped), door handle and any other obstruction from the door panels. The Ford Ranger uses a combination of screws and plastic clips to secure the door panel to the door. In some model years, the clips are designed to pull straight out, and in others the door panel must be pulled straight up to release the panel.

Step 2

Remove the screws securing the factory speakers to the door. Disconnect the factory speaker wires by depressing the plastic release tab on the harness and remove the speaker.

Step 3

Cut the plastic plug off of the end of the speaker wires, leaving at least 1 inch of of wire remaining on the plug so that it may be reattached at a later time if necessary. Use wire crimpers to attach female spade terminals to wire ends and attach the wires to the replacement speaker.

Step 4

Secure the speaker to the door with the factory screws when possible. Roll the window up and down to check for clearance. If necessary, a spacer may be added to provide additional clearance when depth is an issue.

Step 5

Replace the door panel and check for clearance between the speaker and the door panel. Replace the door panels mounting hardware and re-attach the window crank.

Step 6

Turn on the stereo and listen. Make sure that all speakers are playing. Use the stereos balance and fade functions to ensure proper connections. Adjust the stereo's equalizer to your personal taste.

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