How to Install a Short Ram Intake System

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A short ram intake system replaces your stock intake to reduce engine temperatures, increase the amount of airflow into the combustion chamber and improve the overall horsepower, torque and gas mileage for your vehicle. By choosing the right short ram intake system kit for your vehicle, you should be able to complete the installation in just an hour or two.

Install a short ram intake system that has been approved for use for your specific vehicle. By choosing the right kit, you ensure that the new intake will fit easily into the same space as the old intake.

Determine whether you need to buy additional parts, such as hose clamps, before you uninstall the old system.

Remove the car battery before you install a short ram intake system. This will allow your car's onboard computer to reset to the new intake system, and give you more room to work. Always wear appropriate eye protection whenever you work near a car battery.

Uninstall the old intake. This usually consists of unbolting the old system from the block, pulling out the tube and unplugging the MAF (maximum air flow) sensors.

Install the main piping for the short ram intake system by tightening down the hose clamps at each end of the body of the throttle.

Ensure that the rubber mounting is in place, depending upon the design of the short ram intake system you have chosen.

Reconnect the breather hose, MAF sensors and tube to your new short ram intake.

Install the new air filter for your short ram intake system.

Tighten all hose clamps with the flathead screwdriver, and reconnect the battery.

Start and rev the engine a few times. Check for any strange noises that may indicate improper installation. You should hear a slightly louder sound from your engine due to the increase in combustion in the engine block.


  • check Many short ram intake system kits contain all the hardware you need to install the new part quickly and easily. Some kits may even include the torque wrench.


  • close You should consider installing a water shield or guard around your short ram intake system to prevent moisture and debris from entering your engine block. Having water or foreign objects enter your engine through the intake system could cause catastrophic damage and cost you thousands of dollars.

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