How to Install a Reese Tow Hitch

by Nathaniel Miller

Reese Hitch makes strong towing hitches for a large number of vehicle applications, from small cars to large trucks and is readily recognized as the leader in tow hitch applicability. Because of the wide range of applications produced by Reese, there is almost assuredly to be one for your vehicle. Thankfully, installing these tow hitches is a painless and straightforward affair for even the most novice mechanic.

Park your vehicle on a flat surface and crawl under the rear of the car. Locate the metal cross members that make up the vehicles frame and uni-body.

Unpack the hitch and locate the mounting hardware. For some applications you will be able to simply follow the included instructions and just bolt the hitch on without drilling, however other applications will need to drill 4-6 small holes in the frame to accommodate the hitch body.

Depending on your application, either bolt the hitch into place with the socket wrenches or drill the holes indicated by the manufacturer's instructions and then screw the mounting bolts into these holes to mount the hitch securely to the car's frame. All that is left to do after that is slide the ball into the hitch and mount the trailer


  • close Make sure not to drill to far into the body of the vehicle as you could potentially damage the undercarriage if you do.

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