How to Install an Outside Rear View Mirror on a Pontiac Vibe

by Kyle Sanstrom

The side mirrors on a Pontiac Vibe are secured to the frame of the door with three metric steel nuts. An electrical connector passes through a small hole in the door frame and connects to the mirror in order to supply power to the electrical adjustment motors. Replacement side mirrors are available from auto parts stores, salvage yards and licensed General Motors dealerships.

Step 1

Pop off the Vibe's interior triangular plastic panel covering the mirror's mounting nuts using a flathead screwdriver.

Step 2

Exit the vehicle and open the door. Remove the three 13-mm nuts with a ratchet and socket. Disconnect the mirror's electrical connector. Grip the mirror with two hands and gently wiggle it loose from the door.

Step 3

Install the new mirror in the door, making sure that the mirror's studs pass though the mounting holes in the door. Reinstall the mounting nuts and reconnect the mirror's electrical connector. Replace the triangular plastic trim panel. Test the mirror to ensure that the electronic controls function properly.

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