How to Install Motor Mounts in a 1965 Ford Mustang

by Thomas West

The 1965 Ford Mustang started appearing in dealer's showrooms in April of 1964. The first generation Mustang was available with a 170 cubic inch six cylinder engine or a 260 cubic inch V-8 engine up until October of 1964, when the larger 200 six and the 289 V-8 were introduced. Regardless of which power plant your 1965 Mustang has, engine vibrations are reduced due to the rubber-lined motor mounts that attach your engine to each side of the vehicle frame work. Get your Mustang's engine anchored securely and eliminate vibrations by replacing worn-out motor mounts.

Raise the front of your Mustang with a hydraulic jack until the front wheels are off of the ground. Place jack stands under each front frame rail. Lower the hydraulic jack so that the front of the car is supported by the jack stands.

Open the hood. Remove the nut and washer from the underneath of the motor mount assembly with a socket and ratchet turned in a counterclockwise direction. Repeat this action for motor mounts on both sides of the engine block.

Position a hydraulic floor jack underneath of the engine oil pan. Place a block of wood on the lifting pad of the jack as a cushion between the jack and the oil pan. Lift the floor jack until the studs in the center of the motor mount clear the mounting bracket on each side of the car's frame.

Loosen and remove the bolts that hold each motor mount to the engine block with a socket and ratchet in a counterclockwise direction. Remove the old motor mounts and discard them.

Bolt the new motor mounts to the engine block using the original bolts threaded into the mounting holes on the block.

Lower the floor jack slowly and carefully, making sure the studs on the underside of the new motor mounts line up with the holes in the mounting bracket on each side of the car's frame. Place a lock washer over the threaded stud in each mount and tighten the holding nuts in a clockwise direction with a socket and ratchet.

Raise the car with a hydraulic jack and remove the jack stands from underneath. Lower the hydraulic jack until the car rests on the ground. Close the hood.

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