How to Install a Motorcycle Windshield

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Motorcycle windshields are a more popular accessory than motorcycle exhaust pipes. In fact, it's the most requested add-on nationwide. And it's a responsible addition to your bike. A motorcycle windshield not only helps protect the rider from bugs and discarded trash; it also helps protect the rider from wind fatigue. Installing a motorcycle windshield is a project you can do yourself if you have the right tools. Read on to learn how to install a motorcycle windshield.

Determine your needs. Each motorcycle has different specifications, so it is important to choose a windshield that will mount properly on your bike. If you have trouble finding the right windshield, look into a universal windshield that is designed to fit most motorcycles.

Figure out your riding style. Depending on how you use your motorcycle and how you ride, you might be able to find a windshield that is designed for your personal style.

Purchase your new windshield. Specialty motorcycle shops across the country sell these products. They may also have tips to help you out with your installation.

Read the instructions. Each new windshield is equipped with mounting directions.

Note your surroundings. When installing your windshield, pay close attention to wires and accessories that are near your new motorcycle windshield. One wrong move can end up costing you big bucks to repair.

Test the windshield. Before the windshield is secure, sit on your bike to make sure the windshield meets your standards.

Finalize installation by securing the windshield to your motorcycle. Hit the open road and enjoy.


  • check If you have trouble selecting a windshield, check out a local motorcycle rally. It's a great place to get ideas, and you can talk to other bikers to get their advice.
  • check When you purchase a new motorcycle, ask the dealer about ordering a windshield from the manufacturer. You will have to pay for this extra feature, but it's worth it to keep you safe.
  • check Motorcycle windshield installation kits are available online. They come with the windshield and everything you need to complete installation. However, be extra cautious when you order items online. Make sure the company is reputable and that they have a sound return policy.

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