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How to Install Moose ATV Plows

by Rob Kemmett

Moose Utilities manufacturers two various models of snow plows, including the Moose plow. The Moose plow is available in six different models, all of which can not be equipped to an ATV with a bottom mount. The bottom mount attaches to the ATV and the Moose plow attaches to the bottom mount.

Assembling the Plow Mount

Step 1

Remove the ½ inch bolts, the ½ inch washers and the 3/8 inch nuts from the bag full of hardware. Slide a washer onto each bolt.

Step 2

Install the blade swivel onto the push tube runner by aligning the holes on each part and inserting a bolt into each hole. Tighten a nut onto the threaded end of the bolt with an adjustable wrench. Do not over tighten the nuts – make sure the blade swivel can swivel freely.

Step 3

Remove the bottom 3/8 inch nuts from the u-bolt. Remove the 3/8 x ¾ inch bolts from the blade position bracket.

Step 4

Insert the blade position handle pin into the holes on the top of the push tube runner. Insert the blade position pin through the hole on the rear of the rear blade position support.

Step 5

Insert the 3/8 x 2 x 3 inch u-bolt into the top left hand set of holes on the top of the push tube runner bracket.

Step 6

Slide 3/8 inch onto the threaded end of the 3/8 x ¾ inch bolts that hold down the blade position bracket pin. Tighten the nuts using an adjustable wrench. Slide 3/8 inch nuts onto the threaded ends of the U-bolts and tighten them with an adjustable wrench.

Step 7

Test the swivel mechanism and make sure the hinges swivel freely.

Step 8

Remove the 3/8 inch bolts from the back of the blade.

Step 9

Insert the blade swivel ears (the extensions on the sides of the swivel mechanism) between the blade pivot point brackets. Insert the bolts back into the holes and tighten a 3/8 inch nut onto the threaded end of each bolt.

Hook one end of a blade spring into each hole located on the sides of the swivel mechanism. Insert a 3/8 inch eyebolt into the end of each spring. Pull the springs back and attach them to the spring holes on the back of the blade by sliding the eyebolts into the hole and tightening a 3/8 nut onto the threaded end of each bolt.

Attaching the Plow to an ATV

Step 1

Jack up the front end of the ATV, giving you enough room to slide underneath.

Step 2

Remove the front skid plate of the ATV and set it aside.

Step 3

Hang the U-bolts over the frame on the underside of the ATV, just below the front axle.

Step 4

Hold the bottom mount up to the U-bolts and insert the u-bolts into the holes located on the sides of the mount.

Step 5

Slide a washer onto each nut.

Step 6

Tighten a nylock nut onto each bolt with an adjustable wrench.

Slide the blade assembly underneath the ATV. Align the holes in the bottom mount with the push tube and install the wire loop pins.

Items you will need

  • Adjustable wrench
  • Jack

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