How to Install a JVC Car Radio

by Alibaster Smith

The Victor Company of Japan, known as JVC, makes a variety of electronics equipment for consumer use. The company is most well-known for developing the first VHS video recorder, but its aftermarket car radios also have a strong following. JVC radios use a universal fit model that can be fitted to any vehicle using a standard size 1-din head unit. Depending on your vehicle, the JVC may simply slide in and lock into the dash, or you may need to attach it with screws. Once the old radio is out, you'll need to know how to install the new radio.

Connect the antenna to the back of the JVC radio. The antenna plug looks like a large, single, A/V cable. It is normally a female end, with a polished tip. Insert the the antenna to the antenna input jack marked on the back of the JVC radio.

Connect the factory electrical wiring to the back of the radio. The wiring that controls the head unit must be plugged into the pinned connector slot on the back of the JVC radio. Push the connector all the way into the slot until it clicks and locks into place.

Insert the head unit into the dash and align the mounting holes on the radio with the center console brackets made for the radio. Thread and tighten the mounting screws. There are usually four mounting screws used for JVC radios.

Slide your radio into the dash all the way until it clicks. Some JVC models on GM vehicles (or other American-made automobiles) use a self-locking mechanism. Slide the radio into the din slot until it locks.

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