How to Install Highway Pegs for Motorcycles

by Chris Gilliland

In terms of comfort, mounting highway pegs on your cruiser can make a big difference on the road. Although most cruisers have forward-mounted foot controls, highway pegs can provide you with laid-back, feet-up comfort as you crunch miles of blacktop. Providing that you have engine guard bars and a few simple tools, installing these miniscule wonders can be a breeze!

Measure the diameter of your your engine guard bar before purchasing a set of pegs. Most crash bars are between 1 1/4" to 1 1/2" in diameter.

Determine your mounting point of the engine guard. Find a position that is comfortable for you, but still allows you direct access to your shift and brake levers if needed.

Clean and mark your mounting point.

Slide the mounting clamp onto the engine guard and loosely tighten using the included bolts or screws.

Mount the pegs to the clamp and tighten loosely.

Sit on your motorcycle and check the placement of your new pegs. If it feels good, tighten down all bolts and/or screws. If not, re-position the pegs and clamp until you have the desired position.


  • check Measuring the diameter of your engine guard is crucial, as improper sizing often leads to delayed rides and forces you to hassle with your local dealer's parts department. Select a highway peg style that is suited to your tastes and the motorcycle itself. A good set of pegs contributes to the overall styling without standing out like a sore thumb. Also, many pegs are available with an offset mount to allow for a wider stance. Take this into consideration when making a final selection. Apply a drop of LOC-TITE to the threads of your bolts to prevent them from "backing out" when riding!


  • close Don't over-tighten your bolts! Threads and bolt heads can be damaged easily by excessive tightening, so use a light touch. If you doubt your ability to complete this installation, have the work done by a qualified technician.

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