How to Install a Golf Cart Turn Signal

by Ashton Daigle

Wire strippers

Wire cutters



Drill bit



Turn signal lights

Spool of wire

Simple 3-way switch

Step 1

Cut four six-foot lengths of wire from your spool of wire, using wire cutters. Strip off both ends of each length of wire with a pair of wire strippers.

Step 2

Hold the signal lights up against the rear of your golf cart where you will be installing them. Place the tip of a pencil through the mounting holes on the sides of the signal lights and color in these spots on the surface of the cart.

Step 3

Drill four small holes where you made the marks with the pencil.

Step 4

Attach one of the sections of wire to the wire leading from the rear of the turn light you are going to place on the left side. Repeat this for the turn signal on the right side.

Step 5

Hold the left turn-signal assembly to the rear of the golf cart. Secure the light by inserting screws in the holes and tightening them with a screwdriver. Do the same with the light on the right side.

Step 6

Run the wires leading from each turn-signal light to the three-way switch. Attach the left signal to the left terminal on the three-way switch. Connect the wire by wrapping it around the terminal. Attach the wire running from the right side of your golf car to the right terminal on the three-way switch.

Run a wire from the center terminal of the switch to the battery of your golf cart and connect it.

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