How to Wire Fog Lights

by K.K. Lowell

Fog lights are a great do-it-yourself add-on for a car or truck. Properly installed and wired, these lights make it much easier to drive in foggy conditions as they light the road much better than normal headlights. While proper wiring for fog lights is not just adding a wire and a switch it's not difficult and is a task that a car owner can do himself in less than an hour.

Step 1

Mount the fog lights as low as possible on the front of the vehicle.

Step 2

Mount the circuit breaker and relay (the Signal Stat 192 is easy to wire and has a mounting tab) near the battery. Use a small self-tapping screw and mount to a metal part of the car. The radiator support generally works well for this. Drive the screw with the electric drill and socket.

Step 3

Use a short piece of 18-gauge wire with a solderless female spade connector on one end, and a solderless ring terminal on the other. Place the relay mounting screw through the ring terminal before mounting the relay to the body to ground the relay. Connect the spade connector to terminal 87 on the relay.

Step 4

Connect a length of 14-gauge wire from the positive terminal of the vehicle battery to one side of the circuit breaker. Make the connections using solderless ring connectors.

Step 5

Connect the other side of the circuit breaker to terminal 85 on the relay. Use a piece of 14-gauge wire fitted with a ring terminal and a female spade connector to make the connections.

Step 6

Connect the fog lights to terminal 86 using 14-gauge wire.

Step 7

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Run a piece of 18-gauge wire from terminal 30 to the toggle switch. Install the switch within easy, safe, reach of the driver. Connect a wire from a fused power source to the center terminal of the switch and the wire from terminal 30 to the other switch terminal.

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