How to Install a Kelsey Energize Brake Controller

by Bob White
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Installing a Kelsey Energize Brake Controller in your vehicle will provide power for your trailer's electric brakes. The brake controller monitors the vehicle's brake pedal and deceleration rate and calculates the correct amount of braking power to deliver at the trailer. Too much braking and the trailer wheels lock up and possibly lose control; too little force and the trailer doesn't slow quickly enough. Installing a brake controller can be done with some common tools.

Step 1

Determine the optimal spot to mount the brake controller. This is within reach of the driver and an easy position to run wires to the driver's side foot well. A typical place is just below the steering column.

Step 2

Position the mounting bracket is this spot and secure it with the drill and two screws. Place the brake controller in between the arms of the bracket and secure with two screws.

Step 3

Run the red wire behind the brake pedal and fasten to the wire for the brake pedal switch. This is typically a small black box with a switch on one end. The connection is made by placing one wire in each groove of a Scotchlok connector and closing its gate.

Step 4

Run the blue wire from the controller to the left side of the vehicle then all the way to the cargo area. Attach this wire to the blue wire from the 5-pole trailer harness. Make this connection by placing one stripped wire in each end of a butt connector and compressing with pliers. Wrap this connection in electrical tape.

Step 5

Locate the black, round rubber grommet in the driver's foot well which provides passage through the firewall. Cut a small hole near the center of the grommet with a knife.

Step 6

Run the black and white wire through this hole. Open the front hood of the vehicle and guide these wires along the perimeter of the engine compartment to the vehicle's battery.

Step 7

Strip a quarter-inch of insulation off the black and white wire. Secure the fuse holder to the black wire with a butt connector. Wrap this connection in electrical tape. Place the provided fuse into the fuse holder.

Step 8

Loosen the terminals on the battery and secure the fuse holder to the positive terminal and the white wire to the negative terminal. Tighten the terminal bolts back down.

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