How to Install an Electric Brake Controller

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Save loads of money on labor by installing your new electric brake controller for your trailer. The electric brake controller will improve stopping performance and safety. It will also reduce the brake wear on your vehicle when towing.

Step 1

First disconnect the positive (+) battery before anything. The mount the trailer connector near the hitch on the rear of the vehicle. Then mount the controller bracket in the desired postion. If there is no bracket, then mount the controller and remove to make connections simpler. Pre-mounting the device will make it easier to mount after all wires are connected.

Step 2

The main wire (feed) is usually blue and should be run from the controller to the trailer connector. Typically this can be run through a hole in the firewall that is already there from the factory, if not one must be drilled. Then run under the vehicle to the connector.

Step 3

The white (ground) can be connected securely to any metal surface that connects to the chasis. Or it can be ran back to the battery negative (-) terminmal. The red (brake switch) wire goes to the brake switch behind the brake pedal. Use a circuit tester to find which of the two wires going into the switch has current only when the pedal is pressed. Use the wire tap to make this connection.

Step 4

Now connect the 20amp breaker to the battery(+) positive, and the other end to the black controller wire. Do the same with the 40amp breaker except run the second wire to the trailer connector. Everything should be ready for your trailer once controller is remounted and the positive (+) battery is reconnected. Read the controller's operations manual to determine how to properly set the controller.

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