How to Install a Door Glass in a Bobcat

by Chris Heinrich
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If you have bought a used Bobcat with a damaged door window or if you have used your Bobcat for years and the glass has been cracked by flying stones and other wear, you should seriously consider replacing the glass. Damaged glass can be a safety hazard because it creates blind spots in the window and increases the likelihood that it could shatter and become more dangerous later on. With only a few common tools, you can replace your Bobcat's door glass yourself and save the money it would cost to have a shop do it.

Step 1

Lay the thick blanket on your work surface. This will protect the glass and door frame from scratching as you work on them.

Step 2

Remove the door from the Bobcat by pulling out the two steel hinge pins.

Step 3

Remove the damaged glass from the door frame if any is present.

Step 4

Clean the frame and make there is no debris in the frame's inside groove.

Step 5

Work the rubber door seal into the frame's inside groove by hand. Keep it in place with strips of duct tape.

Step 6

Work the hardened safety door glass into the groove on the rubber seal using the flat head screwdriver. Remove the duct tape strips as the glass enters the groove.

Step 7

Fold over the locking tab on the rubber seal with the screwdriver and your fingers to seal the glass in place.

Step 8

Slide the locking safety cord into its groove on the rubber seal. Leave a grab loop on the inside-top of the frame, so you can pull it easily and pop out the glass in case of an emergency.

Step 9

Replace the door frame on your Bobcat and insert the two hinge pins.

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