How to Install Cruise Control on a Jeep Wrangler TJ

by Bob White

The addition of cruise control to your Jeep Wrangler TJ will improve the driving comfort on a long road trip. The system works by automatically maintaining the speed of a vehicle without the driver having to touch the gas pedal. This speed is set by the driver and can be adjusted at any time. For safety reasons the cruise control can be canceled by applying the brake or turning off its switch mounted on the steering wheel. Installing an aftermarket kit on your Jeep can be done with some common tools.

Vehicle Preparation and Wiring Harness

Open the hood of the Jeep and disconnect the cable attached to the negative terminal on the battery by loosening the terminal with a wrench and lifting off the cable.

Wait 90 seconds after detaching the cable to assure the vehicle's electrical systems are deactivated.

Remove the steering wheel airbag by prying up on the three metal clips with the trim removal tool to release the fasteners.

Press the sides of the airbag electrical connectors to disconnect them from the wheel. Place the airbag on a flat surface facing up to avoid injury in the event of accidental discharge.

Remove the center bolt on the steering wheel with a ratchet and socket. Remove the steering wheel.

Route the cruise control ECM harness down to the "C103" connector located at the bottom of the front bumper on the driver side near the fender wall.

Wrap the supplied corrugated tubing around the wires of the cruise control harness. Connect the violet-and-green wire in pin 20 to the yellow wire of the harness, connect the orange-and-violet wire in pin 19 to the pink wire of the harness and connect the violet-and-orange wire in pin 18 to the violet wire of the harness using supplied Posi-taps. A Posi-tap works by unscrewing the end cap and inserting the harness wire in the center of the cap. Insert the vehicle wire in the groove in the end and tightening the end cap.

Secure the harness to the vehicle wiring with a cable tie.

Control Switch

Turn the steering wheel to the left lock position. Draw a 1-inch-by-1-inch square on the right side of the steering wheel and cut it out with a rotary cutting tool

Position the cruise control switch though this hole and fasten to the steering wheel with three screws provided in the kit.

Locate the white six-pin connector inside the steering wheel. Insert the cruise control wiring harness wiring into the following connectors: Pink wire to pin four, yellow wire to pin five and violet wire to pin six.

Connect the black three-pin connector of the cruise control harness to the cruise control switch by pushing them together.

Reinstall the steering wheel and airbag in the reverse method to removing it. Reconnect the cable to the negative terminal on the battery.

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