How to Install a CD Player in a Chevy Caprice

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski
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The Caprice was a full-size car built by General Motors and sold under the Chevrolet brand. Although production was ceased in 1996, the Caprice remains a popular car for many. It was extensively used in police car conversions. Installing a CD player in a Caprice requires removal of the entire lower dash setup.

Step 1

Gather your tools and determine what specific parts you will need to install the CD player. If you are installing a factory CD player, the conversion will be "plug and play", meaning you need no conversion parts. If you are installing an aftermarket CD player, you will need a dash mounting kit, antenna converter and a wiring harness specific to the CD player.

Step 2

Disconnect the negative battery cable for safety, and then use a standard socket wrench to remove the six bolts beneath the steering column.

Step 3

Remove the fuse box panel on the driver's side end of the dash. Remove the bolt located behind the fuse box panel.

Step 4

Remove the two bolts securing the instrument cluster cover to the dash. Carefully slide the instrument cluster cover away from the dash.

Step 5

Lower the glove box door and unsnap the right side from the dash. Work your way to the left, pulling the entire panel from the dash until it comes free.

Step 6

Remove the two screws mounting the radio into the dash. Pull the radio out and unhook the antenna cable and factory wiring harness.

Step 7

Install the wiring harness and antenna adapter according to the specific package instructions, if you are installing an aftermarket CD player. Install the CD player mounting bracket into the radio cavity (aftermarket CD player only).

Step 8

Attach the wiring harness and antenna cable to the new CD player. Insert the CD player into the dash. Secure it with the provided hardware (if aftermarket) or use the factory mounting screws.

Step 9

Reattach the dash panel. Use the clips on the back of the panel as a guide. Snap the clips into the dash. Once the clips are attached, replace the fuse box screw, the six steering column screws and the instrument cluster cover. Reconnect the negative battery cable.

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