How to Install a Sirius Car Radio in a Toyota Camry

by Jule Pamplin

Some Toyota Camrys are sold with Sirius Satellite Radio devices installed. But for some, adding Sirius to your Camry remains an aftermarket option. The ideal location for mounting is on the furthest of the two air vents above the factory stereo. You can have a technician install the Sirius receiver, or you can perform the installation yourself and save the cost of labor.

Attach the vehicle mount to the vent-clip dock. These parts are included in the Sirius Radio package. Use a Phillips-head screwdriver for the attachment.

Push the arms of the vent clip onto one of the horizontal blades of the air vent. Push far enough so that the bottom clip of the vent mount rest on the dash trim beneath the vent.

Clean the area of the roof near the rear windshield with a damp cloth or window cleaner and paper towel. The area intended for antenna mounting should have 3 inches of metal on all sides surrounding the site--this will allow the strongest reception. Stick the magnetic antenna onto the cleaned area.

Run the antenna wire from the antenna's mounted location into the truck. Use a putty knife or credit card to pry the molding around the rear windshield to allow space for the wire. Place the wire in the space provided horizontally then vertically until you have reached the Camry's trunk. Open the trunk.

Feed the antenna wire under the weather stripping lining the trunk's opening.

Feed the antenna wire along the path of the Camry's rear speaker wiring harness to the front of the vehicle just beneath the center console. Use a putty knife to create an opening along the interior trim panels securing the carpeting.

Attach the antenna wire to the socket on Sirius dock. The connection point is labelled "ANT." Coil the remaining wire with twist-ties.

Mount the Sirius radio onto the dock. Plug the cigarette lighter adapter into the Camry's lighter socket. Connect the adapter into the Sirius radio at the connection point marked "PWR."

Connect the Sirius Radio to the Camry's stereo. Insert the audio cable into the "AUX IN" jack on the Camry's stereo. The input is located on the right side of the stereo at the bottom of the "TUNE-FILE" column of controls.

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