How to Install a Car Alarm in a Car

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Have you recently purchased a security system for your car? Since there are so many different types of alarms it can be moderately challenging to install a car alarm in a car. This can be made easier by following these steps.

Prepare the car and the alarm unit. Start by obtaining any diagrams of your car's wiring and layout. Since there are so many different kinds of cars, installation may vary slightly. The manual that comes with the alarm system will be helpful in this step. You will also need to gather any materials the alarm calls for such as screws, a screwdriver and wire cutters.

Take off any panels or covers in the car that are specified in the alarm's manual. Mount the siren as directed by the manual. Commonly a location like the underside of the metal hood of the car is used.

Mount the module. It is a good idea to put this somewhere out of sight.

Run the valet switch as directed by the manual. You may need to call a tech support representative for on the spot help when wiring the unit if the manual is unclear.

Wire the external antenna. Make sure that anything that needs to be attached or plugged into the alarm unit is.

Run the LED light. A tech support representative will again be helpful.

Connect the power wire from the alarm unit to the car's battery. A fuse will need to be attached to the power wire at this time. View your manual for specifics on how to attach this.

Mount the shock detector. This step will vary more than the rest based on differences in alarm units and car models. Consult your manual carefully before installing the shock detector.

Use the manual to complete door lock wiring; should the alarm have current sensing, wire it at this time. A tech advisor will be able to help you with finding the correct wiring strategy for your car model.

Locate the starter wire in your car and install any starter disabling components as directed by a tech advisor.

Complete any miscellaneous wiring by reading the manual. At this time go over your work and make sure all the wires are safely covered. Also if there are still components that need to be attached to the alarm module do so now. This should complete the installation.


  • check Read the entire manual before beginning the installation. It never hurts to know a lot about the project before you begin.
  • check Group wires that run together to the same locations with electrical tape to minimize wire clutter.


  • close Take care that when wiring the alarm you don't leave any uncovered wires touching each other unless directed otherwise by the manual.
  • close Do not attempt to do the job of a tool with your hands. Use the proper tool for the proper job to prevent cuts and injuries.

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