How to Install Bully Tailgate Nets

by Susan Revermann

Bully tailgate nets are made of durable nylon and reinforced fabric to give this product an extended life. You should get better fuel mileage and lower air drag when you use this net instead of the standard, heavy metal tailgate that can slow you down and add weight. The Bully tailgate net kit comes with all required hardware. There should be no need to drill holes into your vehicle to attach the net. The installation process is straightforward and should take less than an hour to complete.

Remove the tailgate, if it is still on your vehicle. Pull one corner away from the vehicle and off of its hinge, then ease the other corner off slowly. Put the tailgate to the side. Look for three holes on each side of the truck frame that surrounded the outer tailgate edge, where the tailgate would lock into place on the sides.

Remove the tailgate net kit from the package and find the screws and brackets. Grab one screw, insert it through a bracket and insert the screw into one of these holes. Turn the screw clockwise to tighten it until snug. Make sure the bracket loop is facing away from the truck cab in a vertical position. Repeat this for all six holes.

Hold your Bully net so the emblem is facing away from the truck cab. Insert the bottom left strap into the bottom left bracket loop, from the back of the truck towards the cab.

Loop the Bully net strap back through the strap cinch and pull it tight. Repeat this for all of the straps. Adjust the tension of each strap until they are all snug.

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