How to Install Bucket Seats in a 66 Chevelle

by Bobby R. Goldsmith

With the restoration of any classic car, you need to consider the overall project, not just the engine or the paint job. While many enthusiasts strive to keep their project cars as close to numbers-matching stock condition as possible, a significant portion do not feel so constrained. Interchangeable parts allow those restoring a 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle numerous options for both the exterior and interior. Switching out the stock bench seat of a Chevelle for the factory bucket seats that belong in a Chevelle Malibu is a fairly simple swap.

Unbolt the existing bench seat at the brackets attaching it to the floor pan. Remove the spring from the seat adjustment assembly, then unbolt the assembly from the underside of the bench seat.

Pull the lap belts through the bottom of the bench seat and clear them away from the bench as far as possible. Lift the bench seat out of the Chevelle. Remove the remaining brackets/adjustment track assembly from the floor pan.

Place one of the new brackets for the bucket seat on the floor plan, and check the alignment with the existing bolt holes in the floor pan. You will most likely have to drill at least one -- but probably two -- new hole into the floor pan per bracket. Drill all necessary holes.

Check the clearance with a tape measure, and draw a chalk outline of where the bucket seats should sit.

Bolt the new brackets to the floor pan of the Chevelle. Attach the corresponding brackets to the bucket seats.

Bolt the bucket seats to the brackets on the floor pan. Use the adjustment lever to check that each seat has full travel along the track.


  • check The upgraded bucket seats should come with new lap belts, meaning that you can probably remove the original lap belts entirely. Check to make sure this is the case prior to removing the OEM lap belts.


  • close Always double check all of your measurements prior to drilling the holes into the floor pan.

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