How to Install the Audiovox Prestige Remote Start

by Breann Kanobi

Remote starters allow you to press a button to start your car instead of turning the ignition key. These starters are simple to install but require complex wiring. To wire one accurately, refer to the wiring diagrams included with your remote starter. Incorrect wiring leads to mechanical problems, including engine failure. Remove starters typically install in automatic vehicles only and cannot be installed in a vehicle with a manual transmission.

Step 1

Mount the control module to the passenger compartment, behind the dashboard, within 24 inches of the wiring harness's ignition switch. Push the control module against the passenger compartment and mark the location of the mounting brackets with a marker. Drill holes into the markings of the passenger compartment using a drill. Push the control module into the holes.

Step 2

Mount the hood pin switch under the hood. Drill a hole, 1/4 inch in diameter, and push the hood pin switch into the hole. Secure the switch using a 7/16 inch nut.

Step 3

Install the control switch to the lower dash panel using the same techniques you used when you mounted the control module.

Step 4

Wire the harness. Connect the battery wires of the vehicle to the red remote start switch. Connect the yellow starter output wire to the vehicle side of the starter relay, next to the ignition switch. Connect the black wire to the chassis ground source of the vehicle.

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