Impala Window Problems

by Cassandra Cochrun

Although there haven't been any recalls on Impala windows, there have been consumer complaints about the power windows, especially after the car has been driven about 100,000 miles. Sometimes, you may be able to clean a switch or lubricate the window, but you may also need to replace the motor that supplies power to the window. It will help you to know what to do if you can pinpoint the problem.

Known Problems

The general complaint about Impala windows is that the power windows simply stop working. This is usually because the motor that supplies power to the window and allows it to move sometimes fails. When the motor fails, it can cause the window to move slowly or not at all.


If your Impala's window stops working, or doesn't work as well as it should, start by cleaning the switch that allows you to roll the window up and down. If the window is making a lot of noise, dragging or moving slowly, try lubricating the tracks that it slides up and down on. If that doesn't help the problem, check the main power distribution center under the hood of the car for blown fuses. If the fuse isn't the problem, it's likely that the motor is drawing too many amps and kicking out a circuit breaker. If this is the case, you will probably need to replace the motor.


Most of the time, people choose to replace the power window motor when their windows stop working. In this case, the Car Complaints website estimates the repair cost at about $198 (as of 2010). MSN's car review website estimates $168.52 for parts and $65.00 for labor, not including the diagnostic time or taxes your mechanic or dealership might charge for (as of 2010).

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