How to Identify Exterior Body Parts

by Elizabeth Punke
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If you have encountered an accident or minor fender bender, your vehicle may need repairs. To be certain you have purchased the proper piece, or to explain the item to a mechanic, you should be able to identify the body parts of your vehicle. There are obvious parts that are noticeable when looking over the car, however, there are smaller parts that may be hard to distinguish.

Step 1

Examine the position of the exterior part to identify the part. Bumpers are located at the front and rear and protrude slightly outward. The side mirrors are situated on the front driver, and passenger doors and bend out at a 90-degree angle.

Step 2

Evaluate the overall size of the body part. While the windshield will take up a large amount of space in the front and rear of the vehicle, the door handles are only several inches wide. The blinker lights, positioned either beside or above the brake lights, are typically slender and shaded orange or yellow.

Step 3

Review the functionality of the car body part. The circular tires of the car rest upon the ground and allow the car to move in any direction. Each individual window is required to see objects and roadways while driving, therefore, they are clear. The brake lights in the corners of the vehicle rear, as well as the headlights on the front corners, are needed to provide safety when driving.

Step 4

Review the picture in the reference guide to locate your specific exterior body part. For difficult parts, begin with the location and minimize your search from there. For example, if you are looking for a part near the doors of the vehicle, begin looking at the center of the diagram.

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