How to Ship a Car to the Dominican Republic

by Desi CrallUpdated September 26, 2017
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Shipping a vehicle to the Dominican Republic can be very costly. Procedures are very strict and must be followed precisely in order to ship and pick up a vehicle at one of the ports in the Dominican Republic. Below you will find a simple guide that outlines the steps required to ship a vehicle to the Dominican Republic. Individual shipping companies may have their own regulations that you must follow, and the Dominican Republic might change its laws every now and then. It is best to check with the Dominican Republic Embassy if you should have any concerns regarding the shipping of a vehicle. Vehicles are shipped out of Port Everglades, Florida.

Contemplate how important it is to ship your vehicle to the Dominican Republic. The cost to ship a vehicle can be very high, and the process and stringent requirements can be a deterrent.

Decide how you will get your vehicle to the port that it will be shipped from, and which port you want your vehicle shipped to. Most shipping takes place from Port Everglades, Florida. Main ports in the Dominican Republic include Puerto Plata, Santiago de los Caballeros, Santo Domingo, La Romana and Bonao. Generally, ships leave Florida two times a week, but schedules may vary.

Understand the laws regarding vehicle importation to the Dominican Republic. You must be physically present for your vehicle to clear customs, only one vehicle may be shipped per person, and you must have owned the vehicle or had the vehicle registered to you for at least 1 year. Dominican citizens must have been out of the Dominican Republic for a period of at least 2 years. In addition, the vehicle must not exceed weight limitations and must not have more than 6 cylinders, and documentation must all be in original form--no photo or carbon copies allowed.

Obtain quotes from various shipping companies. Get online quotes via email as well as quotes by phone (see Resources below). It is always best to speak with a customer service or sales agent to get up-to-date information, and to get immediate answers to any questions you may have.

Set up and pay for your shipment using a credit card. You can do this via the Internet, telephone or in person, depending on the regulations of the transport company you choose. Your vehicle should be cleaned out and comply with the rules of the shipping company you are using. Shipping other items in the same container as your vehicle is a possibility, depending on the company you choose to do business with.

Gather the required original documents and keep these in a safe place, ready to be presented at the time of pickup. These include your passport, license plate, driver's license, vehicle title certified by the Department of Vehicles and made legal by a Dominican Consulate, proof of registration for 3 previous years, and a visa showing proof of residence.

Track your vehicle shipment by Internet or phone. You will need one of the following to track a vehicle that is in the process of being transported to the Dominican Republic: VIN (vehicle ID number) Dock Receipt, Booking Number or Bill of Lading. Pick up your vehicle at the port, and have all of your original documentation ready, as well as your receipt or Bill of Lading.

Items you will need

  • Access to a computer and Internet

  • An email account

  • A credit or debit card

  • Passport

  • License plate

  • Driver's license

  • Vehicle title certified by the Department of Vehicles and made legal by a Dominican Consulate

  • Proof of registration for 3 previous years

  • A visa showing proof of residence


Ask the shipping company for a complete and up-to-date list of shipping requirements and contact information for the Dominican Republic Consulate. Carry a copy of this information, and be sure to follow all requirements, to avoid any difficulties or delays.

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