How to Replace the Windshield on Vehicles

by Contributing Writer; Updated June 12, 2017
<p>Cracks of that length compromise the integrity of the windshield. You may also wish to replace your windshield if it has chips and smaller cracks in it because these may eventually grow in size. Besides protecting you from debris, a windshield can help keep you from being thrown from your Vehicles in the event of an accident. The windshield also helps the airbags deploy properly and it prevents the roof from caving in if the Vehicles rolls over. If you can find a windshield from a Vehicles Silverado Vehicles that's in good condition from an auto wrecking yard, you will probably save yourself some money. </p>

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 How to Replace the Windshield on a Jeep Cj7

<p>Unbolt the windshield using a 3/8-inch socket wrench, and set it aside.</p>

<p>Spray the replacement windshield with glass cleaner to make it easier to wrap the molding around it. Wrap replacement windshield molding around the windshield.</p>

<p>Put a 15-foot 1/4-inch nylon rope into the seam in the molding and leave 12 inches hanging out on each end.</p>

<p>Put the windshield on the frame from outside the Jeep, making sure the ends of the rope are hanging inside the Jeep. Push on the glass from outside the vehicle while a helper pulls on the rope from inside the Jeep, simultaneously working the molding over the frame from inside the vehicle. This will seat the windshield.</p>

<p>Put the windshield frame back in place and tighten it with the 3/8-inch socket wrench.</p>

Items you will need

  • 3/8-inch socket wrench

  • Replacement windshield glass

  • Glass cleaner

  • Replacement windshield molding

  • 15-foot 1/4-inch nylon rope

  • Helper

 How to Replace a Windshield on a Chevy Pickup

<p>Unscrew the rearview mirror from the interior of the truck windshield, using the Phillips screwdriver. Tape over the front vents near your windshield with masking tape to prevent debris from falling into them.</p>

<p>Unscrew each wiper arm nut with the pliers. Remove each complete windshield wiper.</p>

<p>Push the windshield knife in through the windshield black weatherstripping gasket. Get the knife as close as you can to the outer edge of the glass windshield. Slowly cut around the perimeter of the windshield.</p>

<p>Have an assistant push the windshield out from the inside as you and another person grab it on the outside. Set the old windshield aside.</p>

<p>Scrape the rest of the weatherstripping and adhesive off with the windshield knife until the frame is clean steel.</p>

<p>Start in one corner and firmly press the weatherstripping gasket in around the gasket groove around the entire windshield. Apply a small bead of windshield adhesive to the bottom lip of the channel around the inside of the new weatherstripping gasket. Apply a thin layer of KY jelly to the upper lip of the channel around the inside of the gasket.</p>

<p>Set the base of the new windshield slowly into the lower groove of the weatherstripping gasket, with an assistant on each side of the windshield. Slowly lean the windshield back while the assistants pry the gasket channel up so the windshield slides into the gasket channel all the way around the windshield. Allow the windshield to dry in a cool, dry place for 24 hours.</p>

<p>Screw the rearview mirror back on, and remove the tape covering the front vents. Screw the windshield wiper arm nuts back in to secure the windshield wipers.</p>

Items you will need

  • Phillips screwdriver

  • Masking tape

  • Pliers

  • Windshield knife

  • Gloves

  • Safety goggles

  • Windshield weatherstripping gasket

  • Windshield adhesive

  • KY jelly

  • Windshield

 How to Replace the Windshield on a Ford Taurus

<p>Pry up on the the plastic trim molding with a windshield trim removal tool. Wedge the teeth of the tool under the trim and pry up on it.</p>

<p>Cut the urethane molding around the outside of the glass with an automotive cutting knife.</p>

<p>Pull the windshield off.</p>

<p>Clean the Taurus frame where the new windshield will go. Make sure to remove the old urethane residue and trim the molding back to 3mm with a razor.</p>

<p>Slide the new rubber molding around the outer edge of the glass on the new windshield and fit the outer trim into the grooves on the rubber trim.</p>

<p>Apply a liberal amount of urethane primer to the frit band on the windshield. The frit band is the black strip running around the outside of the glass on the windshield.</p>

<p>Apply a bead of urethane to the recess on the frame where the windshield will be mounted.</p>

<p>Align the windshield on the frame and press the windshield into place. Allow the urethane to cure for 12 hours.</p>

Items you will need

  • Replacement windshield with molding and trim

  • Flat tip screwdriver

  • Windshield molding removal tool (available at any auto parts store)

  • Automotive cutting knife

  • Cleaning brush

  • Bucket of water

  • Clean rags

  • Razor blade

  • Urethane primer

  • Urethane

  • Electric caulking gun

  • Nitrile gloves

 How to Replace a Windshield on a 1998 Chevy 1500

<p>Unscrew the rear view mirror screw and slip the mirror out.</p>

<p>Remove each windshield wiper by lifting them up and prying up the base with a large flathead screwdriver. Put the screwdriver between the retaining nut and the arm of each wiper. Move the arm back and forth as you pry to remove the arm. Set the windshield wiper arms aside.</p>

<p>Tape over all dashboard vents to protect them from small pieces of glass.</p>

<p>Remove the rubber gasket from around the windshield using a razor knife. Try not to touch the windshield glass with the knife. Push the windshield out of the vehicle from inside the Chevy as your assistant catches it from the outside.</p>

<p>Clean the frame, the gasket and the dashboard with a clean wet cloth. Leave the replacement gasket in a warm, sunny place for a few hours to make it more flexible.</p>

<p>Place a layer of sealant on the gasket's bottom part in the channel. Slip the gasket onto the windshield, taking care to put the side with the slit facing outside of the vehicle.</p>

<p>Spread petroleum jelly into the gasket's outer groove and line a heavy nylon cord around the groove beginning with the bottom center part of the windshield and going all the way around. Leave a foot of cord loose and dangling down at each end.</p>

<p>Place the windshield into the windshield frame from outside of the Silverado, making sure you leave the loose rope hanging inside the vehicle.</p>

<p>Tug slowly on the cord to pull the gasket inside the vehicle. Have your assistant push the gasket to the outside of the windshield frame while you are pulling from the inside. Allow the sealant to cure for 24 hours before driving.</p>

Items you will need

  • Large flathead screwdriver

  • Masking tape

  • Razor knife

  • Assistant

  • Replacement rubber gasket

  • Wet terry cloth

  • Sealant

  • Replacement windshield

  • Petroleum jelly

  • Heavy nylon cord

 How to Replace the Windshield on a Subaru

<p>Slide the screwdriver under the weatherstripping surrounding the perimeter of the old windshield, and pull the stripping off.</p>

<p>Use the razor blade to go around the edge of the windshield and cut it free from the silicone sealant.</p>

<p>Gently pry the edges of the windshield away from the car frame, using the small crowbar; then have a helper assist you in removing the windshield from the frame.</p>

<p>Use the razor blade and sandpaper to remove any residue from the edges of the frame. Prep the metal frame by applying bonding agent to the edge of the frame and to the edge of the new windshield.</p>

<p>Caulk a small bead around the entire windshield frame, then have your helper assist in lifting the new windshield into place. Press the windshield firmly.</p>

Items you will need

  • Razor blade

  • Flat-head screwdriver

  • Small crowbar

  • Sandpaper

  • Bonding agent

  • Silicone

 How to Replace the Windshield in a Jeep Cherokee

<p>Remove the wing mirrors using a screwdriver to take off the holding screws. Slide the casing and mirror off the vehicle. Unclip the window wipers, lifting the blades off the hinge joints. This process could require some force.</p>

<p>Use a sharp blade to cut the rubber sealing from around the windshield. Carefully push the shield from inside the vehicle until it is removed. Have someone on hand to help lift out the windshield and put it in a safe place.</p>

<p>Remove all the sealant from the new gasket, and fit it onto the new windshield. The heavy part of the gasket goes on the inside, and the slit goes on the side. Apply a thin layer of sealant to the bottom of the gasket.</p>

<p>Rub petroleum jelly around the outside of the rubber grooves. Attach a nylon cord around the windshield grooves. Lay the windshield in place from outside the Jeep Cherokee.</p>

<p>Pull the cords across the windshield frame from inside the vehicle. Have someone hold the rubber seal in place from outside the car. Remove all of the excess jelly, and clean the dash to prevent any debris entering the heat vents. Wait 24 hours before driving the vehicle.</p>

Items you will need

  • Screwdriver

  • Sharp blade

  • Petroleum jelly

  • Nylon cord

  • Gasket

  • Replacement windshield

 How to Replace a Windshield on a 1952 Chevy Truck

<p>Place a sheet or cloth over your dashboard and bonnet to help protect your vehicle from any scratches or damage during the work. Remove the rear-view wing mirrors with a screwdriver. Remove the mounting screws on each mirror and slide them off their base. This will allow for easier access to the windshield itself.</p>

<p>Remove the rubber seal from around the seems of the windshield using a sharp knife or blade. Carefully cut away the seal around the shield, pulling the rubber off as you do so. Discard the rubber in the trash.</p>

<p>Push the windshield out of the vehicle carefully from inside the truck. Have someone on hand outside the vehicle to help support the weight and lift it out.</p>

<p>Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to the edges of the new windshield and attach the gasket to it. The heavy part of the gasket should be at the bottom. Tie a thin nylon cord around the edges of the windshield.</p>

<p>Lift the new windshield into position over the truck. Have someone hold it in place from the outside to help the seal set in place. Tie the nylon cord to the inside of the vehicle for extra support. Thoroughly clean the inside of the vehicle to prevent any debris from getting in the components or vents.</p>

Items you will need

  • Knife

  • Petroleum jelly

  • Screwdriver

  • Replacement gasket

  • Replacement windshield

  • Nylon cord

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