How to Replace the Oil Pan Gasket in a Hyundai Santa Fe

by Editorial TeamUpdated November 07, 2017

Items you will need

  • Jacks and jack stand

  • Drain pan

  • Wrench

  • RTV sealer

  • Torque wrench

  • 4 to 5 qt. oil

How to Replace the Oil Pan Gasket in a Hyundai Santa Fe. You will probably drive your Hyundai Santa Fe for years before you need to change the oil pan gasket, but if you notice a puddle of oil beneath the engine, it's possible that you need to replace a worn gasket. Although changing the gasket in Hyundai Santa Fe's after 2000 is more complicated, dealing with a Santa Fe from 2000 and earlier is fairly straightforward.

Park your Hyundai Santa Fe on a level surface and put the gears in park. Raise the front end of the vehicle up on a jack stand using jacks and block the rear wheels.

Crawl under the vehicle and locate the oil pan drain plug. Slide a drain pan under the plug and carefully remove the plug with a wrench. Allow enough time for the pan to drain completely, replace the plug and tighten it securely.

Disconnect the negative battery cable and remove the splash shield. Take off the front exhaust pipe and timing belt. Loosen the bolts holding the oil pan and carefully remove the oil pan.

Scrape the old gasket from the joining surface of the oil pan, being sure that it is completely removed. Wipe the surface with a clean rag dipped in solvent and wipe out the inside of the oil pan.

Apply a very thin bead of RTV sealer to the oil pan groove and quickly replace the oil pan before the sealer begins to set up. Torque the bolts on a 2000 Santa Fe to 48 to 72 inch lb.

Replace the timing belt, front exhaust pipe and splash shield and reconnect the negative battery cable. Carefully jack up the vehicle enough to slide out the jack stand, lower the vehicle and remove the jacks.

Pour fresh oil into the engine. A 2000 Hyundai Santa Fe requires between 4 and 5 qt. of oil. Check with the dipstick to be sure you've added the correct amount.

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