How to Replace Speakers in Vehicles

by Contributing WriterUpdated June 12, 2017

The speakers in your Vehicles may start to malfunction over time. The factory speaker units are of good quality; however, you may prefer the better sound quality of aftermarket silicone speakers. Many aftermarket companies make speaker units Vehicles the Vehicles. Vehicles speaking, the more expensive the speaker, the higher the quality. Some auto parts stores also carry aftermarket speakers if you are looking Vehicles moderate to low quality speakers to replace the factory units if they are blown, and you just want or need a replacement.

Under The Hood:

 How to Replace Speakers in a Car Door

Determine if the speaker is original equipment or an aftermarket installation. Generally, aftermarket speakers will be held in the door by a speaker grille that protrudes from the door, and may have screws visible.

Remove any screws on the perimeter of the speaker grille. If there are no visible screws, but the grille protrudes from the door panel, gently pull on the edge of the grille to remove it. Don't force it if it does not remove without pulling the door panel with it. Skip to Step 4 if the grille cannot be removed.

Remove the screws you exposed by removing the grille (if that was possible), and remove the speaker from the door.

Remove the window crank handle from the door. This will be held in place by either a screw in the center of the handle or a lock ring on the back of the handle where it enters the door.

Remove the door handle. This will be held on either by a center screw, a screw in the bezel, a lock ring on the back of the handle, or a lock tab on the bezel.

Remove any screws holding the armrest to the door.

Check around the perimeter of the door panel and remove any screws. Carefully check in the pile of the carpeted section if your door panel has one.

Try lifting up on the door panel to see if it slides off. Some panels use retainers that can be removed in this manner. If no movement is noted, gently pry the door panel away from the door. Use a flat tool, such as a very stiff putty knife, for this, inserting it every few inches around the door.

Remove the screws that were hidden behind the door panel and remove the speaker.

Install a new speaker.

Reinstall the door panel. Be sure to first line up any retainers with their hole, then push them in one at a time until all have been inserted in the door.

Reinstall the door handle, armrest and window handle.

Items you will need

  • Phillips-head screwdriver Torx driver Socket set

 How to Replace the Speakers on a 2005 KIA Spectra

Open the driver side door and remove the screws from around the edge of the door where the panel meets the door frame using the screwdriver. Pull the door panel off the door to expose the speaker.

Remove the wire harness from the speaker connectors by pulling the harness using your hand. Remove the screws that are securing the speaker to the door using the screwdriver. Pull the speaker off of the door.

Place the new speaker onto the door. Replace and tighten the screws to secure the speaker to the door. Plug the wire harness into the connectors on the new speaker. Repeat for the other three door speakers.

Open the trunk and disconnect the wire harness from the rear deck speakers the same way as you did for the door speakers. Remove the screws that secure the speakers to the trunk frame using the screwdriver and pull the speakers off of the trunk frame.

Place the new speakers onto the trunk frame. Replace and tighten the securing screws. Plug the wire harness into the new speakers and close the trunk.

Items you will need

  • Screwdriver

  • Replacement speakers

 How to Replace the Speakers in a Camaro

Take the speaker grille covers off from the rear deck by carefully prying them up with the tip of the flat screwdriver. Once they are removed, you will have access to the screws holding the speakers in place.

Remove the screws with the Philips screwdriver, then lift the speakers up from the holes by hand. Be careful not to damage the wires as you lift out the speakers.

Unclip the speaker wire from the old speaker terminals and clip it onto the terminals for the new speakers. In older Camaros, the speaker wire may be soldered in place. You can break the solder easily with the flat screwdriver by scraping over it with the tip of the blade. Use caution doing this so you do not puncture anything with the screwdriver. Once you have connected the wires to the new speakers, go to Step 4.

Set the new speakers into the speaker cavities and reinstall the screws, then place the grilles back over the speakers and carefully tap them down into place with your hand.

Remove the fasteners in the driver door panel with the Philips screwdriver, if you have an older model, or the socket set, if your Camaro is a newer model.

Use the trim pin removal tool to remove the trim pins holding the bottom of the driver door panel to the door. Once you have the trim pins out, lift the door panel up and away from the door. If you have power windows and locks, disconnect the switches before pulling the door panel away from the door completely. Set the door panel aside.

Use the Philips screwdriver or socket set to unscrew the speaker from the door. Lift the speaker out of its cavity, disconnect it, then connect the new one in the same manner you employed in changing the rear deck speakers.

Reinstall the screws that hold the speaker in place and reinstall the door panel in the reverse of how you removed it. Repeat this procedure on the passenger door when done with the driver door.

Items you will need

  • Flat screwdriver

  • Phillips screwdriver

  • Replacement speakers

  • Socket set

  • Trim pin removal tool

 How to Replace the Speakers on a Jeep Compass

Pry up on the screw covers on the door panel using a flat head screwdriver. These covers are located on the door handle and armrest. Remove the screws underneath the screw covers in the door panel that hold it in place.

Pull the door panel off the door. There are retaining clips also holding the door in place on the Compass, so you'll need to pull the panel with some force to remove it.

Unplug the factory speaker wire plug from the back of the stereo speakers.

Pull the speaker out of the back of the door panel.

Plug the factory speaker wire plug into the new speakers and install the speakers into the door panel.

Mount the door panel and press the door panel until it snaps into place. Thread and tighten the screws and replace the screw covers.

Items you will need

  • Flat head screwdriver

 How to Replace Speakers on a VW Beetle

Take the interior panels off of the front doors. First, look for small screws near the doors’ handles and the armrests. Remove these screws with your Phillips head screwdriver. Then, if your doors have window cranks on them, pry the cranks off with the flat head screwdriver and remove the spring clips you’ll find underneath them.

Look at the outside edges of your interior door panels. You’ll notice that there are plastic pins that attach them to the metal. Push in on the head of each pin with your screwdriver to make it pop out. Then remove each pin from the doors. Pry the panels off the door with the head of the flat head screwdriver. Place it between the plastic and the metal and run it around the circumference of the door. You’ll hear clicks as you pry the snaps out of the door frame.

Grab the door panel and pull it toward you. Once you have each door panel about 8 inches off the metal, you will see plastic clips that still connect them to the door handles. You will also see some electrical wiring plugs. Disconnect these items, but remember where they go. Take a picture if necessary. Then pull up on the plastic to remove the panels entirely.

Take out the four screws that secure each speaker to its door, but do not remove the wiring harnesses. Instead plug your new harnesses directly into the old ones. Then mount your new speakers in your doors, securing them the same way the old speakers were attached. Now put the doors back together by performing steps 1 through 3 in reverse order.

Open the trunk and locate your rear speakers. You will need to remove the interior floor panel to access them. It runs underneath the back seat. As before, you need to run the screwdriver along the edges of the panel and pop out the plastic clips. Then gently pull up, being careful of the shelf beneath the rear window.

Remove the old rear speakers, which are attached with either nuts or screws, and disconnect the wiring. Set the new speakers in place and attach them. Then replace the panel.

Items you will need

  • Phillips head screwdriver

  • Flat head screwdriver

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