How To Remove Avalon JBL Speakers

by Darby Stevenson
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The Avalon is the flagship sedan of the Toyota line. It has been produced since 1994 and features a 268hp V6 engine. The Avalon also features a stereo and speaker system by JBL. If you are thinking of upgrading the stereo, replacing the old speakers, or sending them in for repair, you will need to know how to remove them. This is actually quite easy to do yourself and requires very few tools. Most of the speakers are located behind the door panels, while the subwoofer is housed behind the rear seat.

Removing the Front and Rear Speakers

Step 1

Locate the screws holding in the door panels, which can be found along the perimeter of the panel. Unscrew these and collect them in a safe place.

Step 2

Hook the pry tool under the panel perimeter, and pry towards yourself. There will be an audible click as the panel clips disengage. Go around the panel and do this until you've removed the entire door panel. Set the panel aside.

Step 3

Locate the screws around the perimeter of the speaker and remove them by screwing counterclockwise. Put the screws in a safe place, separate from the door panel speaker screws.

Step 4

Locate the wiring harness connecting the speaker wires. This should be a small plastic unit that can be pulled apart by pressing down on the top and simultaneously pulling the two pieces apart.

Repeat steps 1-4 for each of the front and rear door speakers.

Removing the Rear Subwoofer

Step 1

Locate the speaker cover, behind the back seat. This is the large cover that stretches across the entire space behind the back seat. Pry it out with your fingers until you hear a click as the cover disconnects. Use the pry tool if your fingers don't work.

Step 2

Pull the cover out as much as you can. Reach inside and find the wiring harness. This plastic plug is holding the stop light and speaker wires. Disconnect this plug in the same way as the other wiring harnesses.

Step 3

Pull the cover out completely.

Step 4

Locate where the subwoofer is mounted. You can recognize it as the large speaker mounted on a plastic frame. You can remove this whole unit by first unscrewing the 4 inset bolts. For this, use the ratchet.

Step 5

To remove the speaker, push the entire unit to one side, while pulling out towards yourself on the other side. Then push the unit the other way, working the speaker back and forth until it can be pulled out completely.

Disconnect the speaker cables by clicking and pulling the wiring harness apart.

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