How to Remove the Stereo From Nissan Cars

by Contributing WriterUpdated June 12, 2017

The Nissan car is a pickup truck manufactured by Nissan car. The factory-installed stereo system, unfortunately, was never included in a list of upgrades from the first to second generation. While the sound and amplification of the factory stereo is adequate, it does not offer the same quality that aftermarket components can offer. If you would like to upgrade your factory stereo, you'll need to know how to remove it first.

Under The Hood:

 How to Remove the Stereo From a 2004 Nissan Frontier

Disconnect the cable running to the negative battery terminal by loosening the nut on the cable clamp and pulling the cable off the negative terminal.

Remove the two screws above the radio opening with the Philips head screwdriver.

Pull the radio trim panel off. You may need to wedge a flat tip screwdriver under the trim and pry up on it to remove the trim. Use a clean rag to protect the trim from being accidentally scratched while prying up on the trim.

Remove the four screws holding the radio in place using a Philips head screwdriver and pull the radio out.

Disconnect the radio antenna in the back of the stereo and unplug the electrical plugs running to the back of the stereo.

Items you will need

  • Philips Head Screwdriver

  • Flat Tip Screwdriver

  • Clean Rag

  • Socket Wrench and Socket Set

 How to Remove the Stereo in a Nissan Altima

Disconnect the negative cable from the negative battery terminal. To do this, turn the retaining bolt on the cable clamp counterclockwise until the clamp is loose enough to pull off the battery terminal.

Wedge the flat-head screwdriver under the trim surrounding the air-conditioning controls. Pry the trim out of place as it is held in with retaining clips. Work your way around the outside of the trim piece until the trim pops off.

Remove the screw on the right-hand side that is holding the trim around the bezel in place. You can only access this once you've removed the trim around the air-conditioning. Once you remove this one screw, the trim piece around the radio will come right off.

Remove the four screws that hold the stereo in place. Once you've removed these four screws, the radio will pull right out of the dash.

Unplug the electrical connections in the back of the stereo and finish removing the stereo. These connectors are plug-style connectors. Squeeze the end of the connector, and pull it out of the back of the stereo.

Items you will need

  • Flat-head screwdriver Phillips-head screwdriver

 How Do I Remove the Stereo From a 2005 Nissan Altima?

Open your Nissan Altima's hood. Disconnect the black cable from the car's battery with a pair of pliers or a wrench.

Grip the rectangular trim panel under the radio firmly. This panel is around the air-conditioning knobs. Pull the panel firmly to remove it.

Remove the four screws behind the panel with a Phillips head screwdriver. The bottom two screws are for the knobs; the upper two screws are the lower stereo screws.

Grip the panel above the knobs around the radio on the lower edge of the stereo panel. The panel also extends above the air vents. With the knob panel removed, you'll be able to get a good grip on the lower edge. Pull it firmly to remove it.

Remove the four screws behind the panel you removed to detach the stereo. Pull the stereo forward and unplug the two connectors from the back.

Items you will need

  • Pliers or wrench

  • Phillips head screwdriver

 How to Remove My Stereo in My Nissan Armada

Park your Armada on a flat surface. Put the console gear shift in the neutral (N) position and turn the engine off. Make sure you engage your parking brake. The gear shift must be in neutral to remove the center panel. Pop the hood and unhook the negative battery cable.

Open the glove box door and remove the two screws (one on each side of the latch). Squeeze the outer tabs of the glove box to completely remove it.

Lower the ring around the gear shift and twist the gear shift knob counterclockwise to remove it. Remove the screw on the driver's side foot well panel (below the ignition).

Snap off the gear shift console panel. The panel is only attached by clips; it comes off easily with a little force. With the gear shift in neutral, you will be able to slide it right off. Wait until after the console is put back on before taking the gear shift out of neutral; it will not go on with the shifter in park (P).

Snap off the radio surround panel. The panel extends to the center air vents and a few inches on top of the dash. Once you have removed the panel, set it aside.

Remove the four stereo mounting screws and pull your stereo from the dash. Unhook the antenna cable and the factory wiring harness from the rear.

Items you will need

  • Pliers

  • Screwdriver

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