How to Remove the Inside Door Panel on Vehicles

by Contributing Writer; Updated June 12, 2017

Between different years, makes and models of Vehicles removing the door panel is somewhat of a standardized task. However, each Vehicles has its unique construction and is characterized by slight differences in style. The Vehicles is no exception to the rule. While the door panel snaps to the door frame (much like in all other Vehicles models), the placement of the retaining screws is different. You have to remove the door panels to replace windows, window motors, window control modules, speakers or powered side-view mirrors.

Under The Hood:

 How to Remove the Inside Door Panel on a Chevrolet Suburban

Remove the two screws located in the armrest with the Phillips screwdriver. This is the central support for the panel. Remove the screw in the front on the door handle using the Phillips screwdriver.

Remove the master window switch using the common screwdriver. Place the screwdriver gently into the rear of the switch and pry upwards. Lift the switch up and remove the electrical connector.

Remove the plastic V-shaped cover over the attachment point for the outside rear-view mirror. Use the common screwdriver to gently pry the cover off. It is held on with plastic snaps.

Remove the door panel using the common screwdriver. There are snaps on all three sides of the panel. Place the common screwdriver at the top of the panel in-between the door panel and the door. Slide the screwdriver down until it contacts the snap and pry the snap out of the recess in the door. Do the same to all the snaps.

Lift the bottom of the door panel outwards a few inches, then lift it up to release the top section of the panel from the horizontal bar. Remove the marker light electrical connector from the bottom rear of the panel.

Items you will need

  • Phillips screwdriver

  • Common screwdriver

 How to Remove the Inside Door Panel of a GMC Envoy

Open the door of the panel you wish to remove and roll the power window all the way down on your GMC Envoy. Turn the ignition switch to off.

Inspect the entire interior panel on the door. Be looking for any areas on the panel that are possibly covers for screw heads. These will most likely be circular and can be gently pried out with a flathead screwdriver. Be sure to look along the bottom for any noticeable screw heads. Most Envoy models only have three or four screws and the rest of the panel is affixed to the door by plastic press pins inside the panel.

Remove any plugs and unscrew the screws with the Phillips head screwdriver. The last places to find screws would be in the door arm cavity (you'll notice a rectangular plug that can be pried off with the screwdriver) and a Phillips head screw inside the door handle molding. Remove all the screws.

Brace the door with your lower leg and begin pulling the panel away from the door by prying it with your fingers. Be gentle, but determined. Move around the outside edge of the door panel and the more press pins that get unplugged, the more manageable the door panel will become. There are wires connected to the power sources on the inside of the door panel so do not pull the panel off with force. These wires can simply be unplugged when the panel is free from the door.

To replace the door panel, reverse the procedure.

Items you will need

  • Flathead screwdriver

  • Phillips head screwdriver

 How to Remove the Inside Door Panel on a Chevrolet Aveo

Open the door containing the panel you wish to remove and roll the window all the way down.

Locate and remove the three retaining screws on the bottom of the interior door panel with the Phillips head screwdriver.

Remove the door handle retaining screw using the Phillips head screwdriver.

Locate the round plastic cap near the arm rest. Pry it off with the flat head screwdriver to reveal another retaining screw. Use the Phillips head screwdriver to remove the screw.

Push the door panel inward carefully using the flat end of the flat head screwdriver near the door crank handle. (Proceed to Step 6 for power windows.) While applying inward pressure to the door panel, a small retaining clip holding the crank handle will be revealed as it expands by the inward pressure. Use the small hook-shaped pick to pry off the retaining clip. Remove the window crank and the plastic retaining tab behind it.

For power windows, pry the window control module off of the arm rest with the interior pry tool and unplug the wire harness connections beneath it. Check for another retaining screw under the window control module.

Remove the triangular black molding covering the side-view mirror by gently prying it off with the interior panel pry tool. Be careful not to break it.

Pry the outer edges of the door panel away from the door frame. There are plastic clips positioned in seats underneath and you will hear them popping out of place as you pry the panel away from the door.

Lift the door panel upward once all the retaining clips have been unseated. Be aware of the manual door lock (if applicable). Manipulate the door panel off of the door handle.

When reinstalling the door panel, align the manual door lock (if applicable) correctly before applying pressure to the retaining clips and their seats.

Items you will need

  • Flat head screwdriver Phillips head screwdriver Interior panel pry tool Small hook shaped pick

 How to Remove the Inside Door Panel on a Subaru

Roll the window to the down position. Power it down, if you can, in the event it's electrical. Remove the keys from the ignition to prevent accidental power supply during the procedure.

Remove the upper-corner triangular cover from the inside door panel that covers the side-view mirror. In some Subaru models, this component features the door speaker from the stereo. If so equipped, pry the rubber plunger seats from the retainers of the speaker when revealed. If it's just a molding, unsnap it using a pry tool.

Find and remove the retaining screws from the door panel. On some Subaru models, these screws are in the hand cup of the armrest beneath a snap-in cover. Others are beneath color-coordinated caps pressed into the door panel. Pry out the caps to reveal the screws. Another screw is in the door handle assembly. Pry the door handle bezel from the door once you have removed this retaining screw. If your Subaru has power windows, there may be another screw beneath the window control module.

Gently pry the window control module away from the armrest of the door panel, using the pry tool or a flat-head screwdriver. Disconnect the wire harness clips attached to the window control module.

Begin to pry the door panel away from the frame, starting at the bottom and working your way up each side. Use the trim panel tool as your pry device. There are snap retainers under the door panel that hold it in place to the door frame; pry the snap retainers out of their seated position.

Hold the door panel close to the door frame when you have removed the panel. Be sure there are no other wire harness connections attached to the panel, such as interior door light or speaker wires. Unplug any of these harness connections if applicable. Remove the door handle rod from the assembly if applicable.

Items you will need

  • Phillips-head screwdriver

  • Flat-head screwdriver

  • Interior trim panel pry tool

 How to Remove the Inside Door Panel on a Toyota Avalon

Locate the screws along the perimeter of the door panel and begin removing them. Make sure to place them in a cup or some other safe location so you can find them later.

Use the screwdriver to remove the screws holding the door handle in place and pull the handle off of the door. Also remove the plastic guard that surrounds the handle area by prying it away with the screwdriver tip.

Pull firmly on the edges of the door panel. There are retainer clips on the inside of the door panel that will "snap" when they have disengaged from the panel. Snap all of the retainer clips and set the door panel aside.

Items you will need

  • Screwdriver

 How to Remove the Inside Door Panel From a 2002 Oldsmobile Alero

Remove the plastic trim panel near the door handle from the interior door panel using an angled trim tool to unseat it from the door panel.

Remove the two retaining screws revealed after the removal of the trim panel using the Phillips screwdriver.

Pry the red reflector cover off the outside edge of the door panel using the trim panel tool to unsnap it from the door panel.

Remove the retaining screw from the door panel that is now revealed by the removal of the reflector cover.

Use the angled trim panel tool to unsnap the retaining pins that secure the door panel to the door frame. Start along the bottom of the door panel and then work your way up both sides.

Lift the door panel upward off the door frame a few inches. Reach behind and then disconnect any wire harness connections to the window control module and powered side-view mirrors, if applicable.

Remove the door panel from the Alero and set it aside in a safe area where no damage will occur to it.

Items you will need

  • Angled trim pry tool

  • Phillips screwdriver

 How to Remove the Inside Door Panel on a Ford Crew Cab

Open the door and place the blade of the flat head screwdriver between the door panel and the reflector at the base of the door and twist the screwdriver to pop the reflector out of the door. Remove the bolt located behind the reflector using a 3/8-inch ratchet and socket.

Place the flat head screwdriver between the window switch housing and the door panel, then twist the handle to pop the window switch housing out of the door and pull it out with your hands if you need extra force. Remove the bolt located behind the window switch using the 3/8-inch ratchet and socket.

Grab the door panel at the bottom and push it up vertically to release the clips on the door. Pull the panel in towards the interior away from the door slowly and tilt it slightly. Unplug all of the wiring harnesses to the door manually.

Items you will need

  • Flat head screwdriver

  • 3/8-inch ratchet and socket

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