How to Add Coolant to Vehicles

by Contributing Writer; Updated June 12, 2017
<p>Refilling the coolant is vital to the life of the engine of your Vehicles motorcycle. The Vehicles motor runs similar to a car's engine and is capable of overheating without the proper amount of coolant flowing through the system. Adding coolant to the system is a quick and simple task that will keep your motorcycle running smoothly Vehicles many miles to come. To ensure proper flow, be sure to use a recommended coolant Vehicles your motorcycle. You may want to consult your owner's manual. </p>

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 How to Add Coolant to a Mini Cooper

<p>Allow 10 to 15 minutes for the engine to cool down. You can tell whether the engine is hot by looking at the temperature gauge on the instrument panel. Smoke coming from the engine is another indicator that the engine is hot.</p> <p>Open the bonnet (hood) of your Mini Cooper. The first release lever for your bonnet is underneath the instrument panel on the passenger side. Pull the first release lever to pop the bonnet. Reach underneath the bonnet and pull the second release lever back to fully open it.</p>
<p>Locate the coolant tank. Instead of being located on the front, near the radiator, the tank is actually at the back center of the engine.</p>
<p>Slowly remove the coolant tank cap. By removing the cap slowly, you are allowing the built-up pressure to escape. If the coolant tank has a "Cooper S," the cap will unscrew. Otherwise, the cap can be pulled off.</p>
<p>Pour the coolant slowly into the coolant tank. Fill the tank until the fluid level reaches the "Max" marking. This mark indicates the maximum amount of fluid that should be added. There is also "MIN" marking indicating the minimum amount of coolant that should always be in the tank.</p>
<p>Replace the cap for the coolant tank and tighten securely. Close the bonnet.</p>

 How to Add Coolant to a Kawasaki Vulcan 500

Adding Coolant to your Kawasaki Vulcan

<p>Remove the side cover on the right-hand side of the motorcycle. This will require a torque bit. The panel is located directly under the seat.</p>

<p>Remove the top of the reservoir bottle. Locate the fill line on the reservoir.</p>

<p>Refill with coolant to the fill line. You can purchase the premix required at any parts house. It will be labeled for motorcycles.</p>

<p>Place the cap on the reservoir bottle. The cap will screw on.</p>

<p>Mount the side cover on the motorcycle. Tighten the screws until they are snug.</p>

Items you will need

  • Torque set

  • Premixed motorcycle coolant

 How to Add Coolant to a 2003 BMW

<p>Lift the hood and locate the coolant reservoir. The reservoir should be near the radiator and you should see coolant in the reservoir. Coolant is generally green in color, but in some cases it is red. Look for a hose coming out of the reservoir and into the radiator to ensure you have the correct reservoir.</p>

<p>Remove the cap. If the cap is a pressurized lid, do not remove it while the engine is hot. A plastic flip-top tab is most common and is not pressurized.</p>

<p>Insert the funnel into the opening and pour the coolant into the reservoir until it reaches the "Full" line. Do not add water into the BMW reservoir; use only the antifreeze. If the coolant was very low, run the vehicle and recheck the levels after the coolant has been drawn into the system.</p>

Items you will need

  • Funnel

  • Antifreeze

 How to Add Coolant to a Chevrolet Malibu

<p>Mix a 1:1 ratio of Dex-Cool radiator fluid with distilled water into a mixing container.</p> <p>Open the radiator cap on the Malibu. The cap is located on the left side of the radiator. To prevent personal injury, do not open the cap while the engine is warm.</p> <p>Place a funnel into the radiator filler tube and drain the 1:1 mixture of fluid into the radiator until the fluid reaches the top of the radiator filler tube. Remove the funnel.</p> <p>Run the engine for five minutes with the cap off. This expels air from the coolant system.</p> <p>Place the cap back on the radiator.</p>

Items you will need

  • Mixing container

  • Funnel

  • Dex-Cool radiator fluid

  • Distilled water

 How to Add Coolant to a Dodge Caravan

<p>Open the engine hood and prop it with the hood prop.</p>

<p>Remove the radiator cap from the filler tube.</p>

<p>Place a funnel into the filler tube.</p>

<p>Fill a 50/50 mixture of antifreeze and distilled water into the radiator until the fluid level reaches the top of the filler tube. Remove the funnel.</p>

<p>Start the engine and allow it to idle for 5 minutes. This pushes air from the coolant system.</p>

<p>Close the radiator cap.</p>

Items you will need

  • Funnel

  • Antifreeze

  • Distilled water

 How to Add Coolant to a 1998 Jetta

<p>Allow the engine of your Jetta to cool completely before you attempt to add coolant. Open the hood of your car and prop the hood on the support rod.</p> <p>Locate the coolant reservoir tank on the driver's side of the engine compartment, near the firewall. Check the coolant level on the reservoir tank. If the level is below the “FULL” mark, you should add coolant.</p> <p>Remove the cover from the coolant reservoir tank. The Jetta coolant reservoir cover should pull straight up off the tank.</p> <p>Add a mixture of 1/2 antifreeze and 1/2 fresh, clean water to the coolant reservoir tank on your Jetta until the level reaches the “FULL” mark. Cover the reservoir tank and run the engine for five minutes.</p> <p>Check the coolant level and top it off again if necessary. Repeat the process until the reservoir level remains at the “FULL” mark. Close the hood of your Jetta securely after filling the coolant.</p>

Items you will need

  • 50/50 blend of antifreeze and water

 How to Add Coolant to an Oldsmobile Alero

<p>Open the hood to locate the radiator. The radiator is located in the front of the engine compartment and will be recognizable by its circular pressure cap, made of metal. The capacity is 3 gallons of fluid.</p> <p>Remove the radiator pressure cap. Push down on the cap and hold it down while twisting off the cap counter-clockwise.</p> <p>Carefull pour in one gallon of premixed coolant. Check the level by looking down into the radiator neck. If the coolant level is not yet visible, you need to add more until the level reaches the neck.</p> <p>With the cap off the radiator, start the engine. Turn on your heater to assist in dissipating air bubbles in the coolant system. Let the Alero run for 15 minutes.</p> <p>As air bubbles escape the radiator through the neck, the fluid level will diminish a bit. Top off the fluid with premixed coolant, pouring slowly because air bubbles can cause the fluid to splash.</p> <p>Tighten the pressure cap back on the radiator.</p>

Items you will need

  • Two gallons of coolant mixture

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