How to Replace the Starter in a Ford Taurus (1996 to 2005)

by Editorial Team

All cars need a starter to crank the motor. The starter is located underneath the motor, and when the motor won't turn over or the starter drags, it's time to get a new one. Here are the steps to take the old starter off and put the new starter on a 1996 to 2005 Ford Taurus.

Step 1

Disconnect the cable from the negative post on the battery. Use a floor jack to raise the car up and use jack stands to support the car. Remove the starter cable and the electrical solenoid motor connector from the starter solenoid.

Step 2

Use a wrench to remove the bolts from lower and upper starter motor mounts. Take the protective cap from the starter motor terminal. Press the retaining tab of the starter motor solenoid terminal connector and pull to remove it. Use a wrench to take off the nut holding the battery cable and take the battery cable off the starter.

Step 3

Take the two retaining starter bolts off, then take the starter out of the bell housing and out of the vehicle. Check the flex plate for damages before putting the new starter on.

Step 4

Place the starter in position and use your fingers to tighten the bolts. Use a wrench to tighten the lower and upper mounting bolts to 16 to 21 foot per pound. Put the starter battery cable back on and use a wrench to tighten the nut to 80 to 123 inch per pound.

Step 5

Put the starter motor connector back on. Push straight on the connector until it clicks, to make sure it's locked in place. Put the solenoid cover back on. Use the floor jack to lower the car and put the negative battery cable back on.

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