How to Install a Starter on a Ford 8N Tractor

by Kevin Mclain
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The starter on your 8N Ford tractor is usually one of the most dependable parts of the tractor. The starter was designed by a very frugal man, Henry Ford. He never used parts that were not necessary so they held up well. Originally the starters were on a 6-volt system. Some of the tractors were converted to 12-volt systems. When replacing the starter on your 8N tractor, be sure you know if it is a 12-volt or a 6-volt system.

Step 1

Pull the 8N tractor on level ground and shut off engine. Put transmission in a low gear so the tractor will not move while you are working on the starter. Allow the engine to cool completely. Remove the negative battery cable, using the box-end wrench.

Step 2

Remove the starter solenoid cable from the starter and remove the two long mounting bolts that go through starter housing, using the ratchet and socket. Remove the starter.

Step 3

Install the mounting bolts in the new starter before you install the starter. This allows you to see how to guide them through the case. Install the starter and secure the mounting bolts evenly. Install and tighten the starter solenoid cable and the negative battery cable. Put the tractor in neutral and test the starter.

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