How do I Use a Credit Card on the Ohio Turnpike?

by Jacqueline GonzalesUpdated September 15, 2017

The Ohio Turnpike runs east to west across the top of the state, connecting Pennsylvania to Indiana through Ohio. The turnpike was built in 1954, charging drivers a small fee to get across the state faster on a less crowded highway. Originally, the turnpike only took cash at the toll booths, but has since added credit and debit card transactions as well. Using your credit card along the Ohio Turnpike can be quite simple.

Get a ticket at your starting toll plaza. When you enter the turnpike, you will start at a toll plaza with ticket booths. As you pull up, a ticket will emerge from a machine that is stamped with your starting location. Put this in a location where you will not lose it.

Exit the turnpike at your destination or the end of the turnpike. Certain places only have an exit going one direction. If you do not have an exit, continue until the next exit and travel back using the main freeways.

Give the toll worker your credit card and ticket. The ticket will show the toll worker how much to charge your credit card. As of 2010, the charge for traveling the Ohio Turnpike varied by size of the vehicle and distance traveled, ranging between $0.75 to $75.00. Most passenger cars, trucks and motorcycles will pay between $0.75 and $15.00, depending on the distance.


If you regularly drive the Ohio Turnpike, you may sign sign up for the E-Z Pass system, which will automatically charge your credit card through an account set up with the state of Ohio when you go through the turnpike. This costs less than paying at the toll booth.


It is illegal to exit the turnpike without payment, unless in the case of an emergency and under the supervision of a police officer.

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