Honda Rubicon Troubleshooting

by Charles Poole

The Honda Rubicon is an all-terrain vehicle that allows hunters and adventurists to cover rugged environments in little time. If you are having problems with your Honda Rubicon, there are a few things that you can do before you take it to a service shop. Common issues reside in the fuel, battery, or the engine. You can diagnose these problems with little hassle and minimal knowledge of the inner components for your Rubicon.

Step 1

Insert your key into the Rubicon's ignition and turn it halfway to engage the electrical system. Check the fuel gauge on the right side of the steering column. Make sure that you have enough fuel to start the ATV.

Step 2

Fill the gas tank with fresh fuel if you are on empty. Make sure that you are not using fuel that has been sitting in a container exposed to the elements. If condensation has entered the fuel container the water in the fuel could cause misfires in the engine.

Step 3

Use a siphon hose to pump the old fuel out of the gas tank if this is the case. Remove the fuel cap from the gas tank and then insert one end of your siphon hose into the tank. Connect the other end of the hose into an empty container. Pump the siphon hose until all of the gas has been pumped out of the tank and into the container.

Step 4

Fill the gas tank with fresh fuel. Replace the fuel cap and make sure that you tighten the connection to the tank. If the fuel cap is loose or not present, air will get into the tank causing problems for the carburetor. Try to restart your Rubicon.

Step 5

Lift the seat off of the Rubicon to reveal the battery. Use a voltmeter to test the battery connections. Rubicons use a 12-volt battery. Connect the test leads to the battery terminals on the top of the battery. You should get an 11-12 volt reading. If you don't get this reading, replace the battery.

Put the Rubicon into the neutral using the gearshift located on the side of the ATV. Hold the "Up" and the "Down" shift buttons down at the same time and then release them. Press both of the buttons down again and hold them for about two seconds. Look at the ATV's display for a troubleshooting code. Show the troubleshooting code to a certified technician, who can perform more extensive repairs in the engine.

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