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How to Get a Homemade Utility Trailer Weighed in Ohio

by Jen Davis

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) requires that non-commercial trailers, including homemade utility trailers, be registered annually according to their weight. In order to register your trailer in the state of Ohio, you will have to have it weighed on an official BMV-approved certified scale. Certified scales are used to consistently weigh both large and small trailers across the United States.

Locate your nearest BMV-approved certified weight scale. The Ohio Department of Agriculture keeps a database of all approved certified scales in the state.

Take your trailer to the certified scale and have it weighed. You drive onto the scale then detach the trailer from your vehicle. Remove your vehicle from the scale and the scale operator will weigh only the trailer. You will receive a piece of paper stating how much your trailer weighs.

Go to your local BMV office with the piece of paper that lists your trailer's official, certified weight as recorded by the certified scale. Request to register the trailer and pay the fees that correspond with your trailer's weight.

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