Homemade Car Lock De-Icer

by Keith Ruckus

Iced-up locks can be the bane of any motorist. The build up of ice in locks is caused by layers of snow compacting inside the tiny crevasse of the lock to build a rock hard shell. Making a homemade de-icer will ensure that you have an abundant supply at hand, without having to pay higher prices for a commercial solution. By adding isopropyl alcohol to generic dish soap and water, you will have a compound which can be easily sprayed onto the lock with no corrosive side effects.

Open the top of the spray bottle. Fill 30 percent (a little less than a third) of the spray bottle with warm water. Drop five to seven drops of dish washing fluid into the bottle and swirl the bottle around to mix it.

Fill the rest of the spray bottle with the isopropyl alcohol. Swirl the bottle once again to completely mix the spray bottle contents. Replace the top of the spray bottle and screw on tightly. Spray a few squirts of the bottle into a sink to ensure proper pressure.

Go to the car with the iced lock. Point the bottle six inches away from the lock and spray three full squirts onto the lock's opening. Wait up to one minute and attempt to put the key into the now de-iced lock.

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