Homemade Brush Guard

by Daniel Westlake

Brush guards are important for the front of four-by-fours and other large trucks that you drive off-road through bushes and thick brush, as they protect the grill and radiator that branches can puncture and damage. While you can buy these guards, you can also make them yourself inexpensively and they will often be just as effective.

Spare Railing

With a spare piece of railing that is properly sized for the front of your truck, fashion a homemade brush guard and attach it with bolts to your bumper. Measure these small pieces of iron or steel fence and cut them to fit the front of the truck or SUV. Begin installing the guard at your local hardware store, where they can accurately and safely cut thick pieces of metal. Then paint the railing piece with whatever color you want, with a paint that adheres to the type of metal you are using. Then bolt the piece of painted railing onto your bumper, using enough metal brackets to make it sturdy.

Chicken Wire

By layering pieces of thick chicken wire over the front of your truck's front grill area, you successfully protect your automobile from errant pieces of brush. While the holes in most chicken wire will still allow sharp sticks and branches to penetrate it, by layering these wire metal pieces over each other you will effectively block brush from damaging your grill or the front of your truck or SUV. While this is a cheaper and rather unattractive solution to the homemade brush guard, you can bend these layers easily and secure them to the bumper and under the hood of the automobile.


If you have the skill and the hardware to weld metal, then making a homemade brush guard will be significantly easier and will look better. Measure pieces of metal the length of the front of your truck or SUV and the height from the top of the bumper to the top of the headlights, then weld a rectangle together. Then weld smaller but sturdy steel or iron bars the length of the rectangle across the homemade brush guard. The more of these cross section pieces the better, as they help break up the sharp pieces of brush which come in contact with the homemade brush guard.

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