How to Grease Struts

by Charles Perry
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A strut is a part of the front and rear-end assemblies. It is a structural part of the suspension. The strut combines the function of a shock absorber and a coil to dampen bumps in the road. If the car is bouncing as you drive, this is a sign of a failed strut which should be replaced. If you hear annoying squeaks from the car, this is a sign that the strut should be greased where it attaches to the vehicle.

Grease the Struts

Step 1

Use the jack to raise the vehicle. Support the car with the jack stands. Lower the vehicle until the jack stand takes the weight.

Step 2

Take off the wheel. If free access to the strut is available this step may be skipped.

Step 3

Use the aerosol can of oil to spray lubricant on the turn plate, strut bearings and bushings. Wait a few minutes to allow the oil to penetrate, then repeat.

Step 4

Fill the syringe with grease and inject grease into the turn plate, strut bearings and bushings.

Step 5

Use the long nozzle oil can to reach any areas of the turn plate, strut bearings and bushings that you were unable to reach with the syringe or aerosol can of oil.

Step 6

Replace the wheel.

Step 7

Use the jack to raise the auto off the jack stand and remove the jack stand. Lower the car. Use these steps to grease the other front strut.

Step 8

Repeat the process to grease the strut bearings and bushings for the rear struts.

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