Hub Bearing Vs. Wheel Bearing

by Amy Rodriguez
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The bearing assemblies on vehicles allow the wheel to rotate, as well as keeping the wheels adhered to the vehicle's body. Bearing types vary, but all perform the same function.


There are two types of bearings: hub and wheel. Both employ the same physical characteristics of a bearing in that they house bearing spheres that are lubricated for spinning to allow the wheel to rotate.


A major difference between the two is how they are assembled. Wheel bearings can be taken apart, lubricated and reassembled to be used again. Hub bearings are prepacked at the manufacturer's factory and are sold and installed as a complete unit. These cannot be taken apart for re-lubrication, but must be replaced.


Proper care and observation are necessities in keeping bearings lubricated and safe for use. If grinding noises are ignored or regular maintenance of the bearings is put off, lubrication can breakdown and allow the bearings to overheat or break.

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