What Is a Spider Gear?

by Jennifer Rose

Spider gears are a part of your car's gear set allowing its rear wheels to turn at different speeds when necessary without affecting the movement of the car as a whole.

How Spider Gears Work

Spider gears are employed in two different differentials known as Standard Differentials and Limited Slip Differentials. Differentials are where the power of a car actually is converted to drive the wheels. Spider gears in Standard Differentials are acceptable for street driving as they will alter the action of the car by spinning the tire which has been affected least by resistance. Spider gears in Limited Slip Differentials are better for off road driving as they work together with clutch packs, reducing the wheel speed in the fastest wheel and keeping both wheels spinning at a relatively similar speed.

Benefits for cars with Spiders Gears

Cars with spider gears are able to turn with ease as these gears allow one wheel to speed up, allowing the car to turn smoothly. If spider gears are not fitted correctly, one wheel would be dragging, forcing the rear of the car to bump and pull.

Where to find your Spider Gears

Spider gears are small gears mounted on a shaft which is pinned to the differential case. They are usually found in a set of two to four gears, meshing with the bevel gears and driving them.

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