How to Grease an F250 Driveline

by Allen Moore

The Ford F250 is a 3/4-ton truck, and the entry level model of Ford's Super Duty class of pickups. F250 owners often use their trucks for heavy-duty purposes such as towing, hauling heavy payloads or both. The F250's driveline runs between the transmission tail shaft and the pinion on the rear differential. The job of the driveline is to transfer torque from the transmission back to the rear differential, where it moves outward to the drive wheels. The driveline should receive a grease job every time you change the F250's oil and oil filter.

Climb under the Ford F250 with the grease gun. Move to a point under the truck where you can reach the front of the driveline, where it bolts to the transmission tail shaft.

Wipe off any dust, dirt or old grease from the head of the Zerk fitting located on the collar at the front of the driveshaft using a rag. Place the tip of the grease gun hose on the fitting by hand.

Pump the grease gun twice to grease the driveline. Remove the grease gun hose from the driveline Zerk fitting by hand. Wipe any excess grease from the area with a rag, leaving a thin layer on the tip of the Zerk fitting to protect it from corrosion and debris intrusion.

Climb out from under the F250 with the grease gun.


  • check While under the truck, it's a good idea to look for other Zerk fittings and grease them in the same manner as the driveline. Common Zerk fitting locations include the Pitman arm and U-joints. Newer F250s have fewer Zerk fittings, while older models may have more.

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