GMC Sierra Truck Electrical Problems

by Steve Johnson
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One of the pioneers of the automobile industry, General Motors has been producing vehicles since its founding in 1908. With passing years and decades, technology continues to improve; however, there are problems and defects that occur with modern technology. Often these problems boil over into recalls that can sometimes result in large quantities of vehicles with problems, such as the case with the electrical problems within GMC Sierra pickups.

2008 Electrical System Recall

In August of 2008, GM placed a massive recall including over 857,000 vehicles, which included not only Sierras, but Buicks, Cadillacs, Hummers, and the majority of other models manufactured by GM. All vehicles manufactured with a wiper washer that was worked off of a heated fluid system were recalled. The problem was with a short-circuit that occurred on the circuit board, which could overheat the ground wire for the control circuit. This problem could lead to a cascade of other electrical failures putting occupants at an increased risk of smoke and fire. The problem could also create a foul smell within the vehicle.

June 2010 Electrical Recall

In June 2010, over 1,300,000 vehicles were recalled, including all the same ones from the August 2008 recall. Although a fuse was added to the printed circuit board to prevent an electrical short within the heated washer fluid system, vehicles still suffered from thermal issues and incidents even after the correction took place. The new problem was attributed in a failure of the thermal protection feature. This could result in the plastic around the heated washer fluid system melting. A potential fire risk occurred as the heated washer could ignite without the cover.

2007 Cequent Electrical Products Recall

Although less rare, sometimes problems with electrical systems are not caused through manufacturing faults, but by after-market companies. The Cequent Electrical Products company issues a recall of 175 angle adaptors for GMC Sierras. The adaptors were sold in towing packages designed for fifth wheel trailers. Having an incorrect wiring fault, the trailer lights can malfunction and not work properly, making the event of a crash more likely.

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