About the GM 4.8 V8 Engine

by Michael Ryan

The GM 4.8 V8 engine is the smallest V8 offered by General Motors in its full-size trucks and vans. The 4.8 series actually includes two engines: the LR4 V8, used in pickup trucks and SUVs, and the LY2 V8, used in full-size cargo and passenger vans.


The series of GM 4.8 liter V8s introduced in 2009 is the next step in the evolution of GM small-block engines. They offer 90 percent lower emissions and higher performance than their predecessors from the 1990s.


Depending on the model year and vehicle, the 4.8 liter V8s have a power output of between 270 and 295 horsepower and 285 lb./ft. and 305 lb./ft. of torque.


The current series of 4.8 V8 engines has a low cost of ownership, thanks in part to its reliability and a maintenance schedule that requires nothing more than oil changes for the first 100,000 miles.


If you are considering a truck for frequent towing or you prefer a little extra horsepower, the larger 5.3 liter V8 provides more horsepower and similar fuel economy thanks to its active fuel management system that can disable cylinders when not needed.

Expert Insight

The 4.8 liter V8 is an optional engine in regular cab and extended cab trucks offered by General Motors. It is the standard engine in all crew cab models. This engine is a good choice if you haul passengers and payload more often than you tow heavy trailers.

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