How to Glue a Tail Light Lens

by Russell Wood

Tail light lenses break from accidents, crack from age and can also leak. But even if your tail light lenses are in excellent shape, they can still leak, which causes foggy lenses and other problems. To seal a tail light takes just a few minutes, and it solves all of those problems. In this case, the vehicle is a 1987 Toyota pickup, but the process is the same for most other vehicles.

Step 1

Remove the tail light lens using the Phillips head screwdriver. Four screws that go around the perimeter of the lens hold it in place.

Step 2

Pull out the tail light assembly and remove the bulbs by twisting them out of the sockets with your hands.

Step 3

Place the tall light assembly on a work surface and locate the channel where the rubber seal goes. This is where leaks will form, and it's where you'll apply the silicone.

Step 4

Apply the silicone into the channel where the rubber seal goes, with the rubber seal in place. Don't overdo it, or you'll be spending a lot of time cleaning up.

Step 5

Carefully put the light sockets back into the tail light assembly and put it in the mounting spot. Place the tail light lens over the assembly and screw the lens back in place with the Phillips head screwdriver.

Step 6

Tighten the screw and be careful to note how much silicone is pressing out of the housing. Use the paper towel and your hand to clean up any excess silicone, and if you have to, a little bit of water to help clean. Allow the silicone to dry for an hour before washing or cleaning the vehicle.

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