How to Give a Good Description of a Car for Sale

by Editorial Team

Boost your profit when selling a car by handling the transaction on your own. It is crucial to advertise the car effectively in order to solicit interest from buyers. An advertisement should include a thoughtful, enticing description of the vehicle. A good description can be the lure you need to reel in a buyer.

Step 1

Place the important details in the first part of the ad to grab the reader's attention. Most people will scan the first few words and then move on to the next ad if they are not immediately intrigued.

Step 2

Use key words that describe the car you are selling as well as good buzz words that tend to generate interest in today's market. Examples include "fuel efficient," "GPS system," "only one owner" and "kept in covered parking." Make sure you touch on these descriptive phrases when describing the car.

Step 3

List factory upgrades that similar models may not have. Let the buyer know that the vehicle has a towing package or sun roof. All the extras may be enough to give you an advantage over other models on the market.

Step 4

List important after-market upgrades that make the car more appealing and unique, such as a new stereo, upgraded audio speakers or a new security system. Include mechanical and engine upgrades as well.

Step 5

Appeal to the buyer's lifestyle or occupation. Using examples such as "good work truck," "ideal family car" or "fuel-efficient car for a commuter" can remind the buyer that your car will fit their needs.

Step 6

Include all recent replacements made to the car such as a new battery, tires or transmission. The new components will appeal to the buyer. This also signals that you gave proper attention to routine maintenance adding longevity to the vehicle for sale.

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