How to Get a Tanker Endorsement on a CDL

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Commercial vehicle drivers who want to drive commercial tank vehicles, or tankers, must have a CDL and a Tank Vehicle Endorsement. In order to receive this endorsement, a driver must pass the knowledge test for obtaining a Tank Vehicle Endorsement.

Check your state's guidelines. The Federal Government has set a minimum standard that all states must follow. Additional requirements are required at the state's discretion. The Department of Motor Vehicles for your state will regulate the process for getting your CDL and your tankers endorsement.

Take practice exams. You can purchase a study guide that covers tankers endorsement. CDL Digest offers a study guide that covers inspecting and driving tank vehicles. The guide will also offer a practice written exam and the correct answers. Research any questions that you miss before you take the actual knowledge exam.

Know the required information. You need to understand the principles of transporting liquids of varying densities. You must know how to handle different cargo loads and tank capacity. You should be familiar with the differences in tank vehicle type and construction.

Recognize safety emergencies. You must know what safety hazards are associated with the cargo and surges to the cargo. You need to know what to do in an emergency and understand how to operate the emergency systems on the tank vehicle. You also need to be aware of potential danger to other motorists on the road.

Get your tankers endorsement. After you have found out your state's requirements and you have prepared for the exam you must pass the knowledge exam. Once you have passed this test, the state adds your Tank Vehicle Endorsement to your CDL.

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