How to Get a Florida Sunpass

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A SunPass is a more convenient method of paying tolls and gives you a discounted rated on most toll roads and toll bridges. A transponder is attached to your vehicle's front windshield and sends a radio signal when driving through a toll plaza. Motorists using SunPass do not need to stop at toll booths because the fees are automatically deducted from a prepaid account.

Purchase a transponder online or at a participating retail store.

Create an account and add the minimum funds to begin using the SunPass system. This can be done online, in person, or by phone, mail or fax.

Replenish the account when the transponder emits a sound signaling the preset minimum is reached. Most SunPass customers sign up for Easy Pay automatic replenishment using a credit card. Alternatively, you may add funds by making payments with a credit card by phone or by mailing a check.

Mount the SunPass transponder on the inside of the front windshield. Just press the suction cups firmly to the glass. Check the website for the exact location for your type of vehicle and information about problem windshields.

Drive through any lane displaying the SunPass symbol. Vehicles can maintain highway speeds in the SunPass Express Lanes.

Log in to your account online to check the balance or print a monthly statement for business purposes.


  • check Setting up automatic replenishment allows you to use SunPass to pay for parking at several Florida airports. Use the lane marked with the SunPass sign when entering and exiting the parking area.


  • close Don't hold the transponder when passing through a toll plaza. It should be properly mounted for an accurate reading.
  • close Some vehicle windshields will not work with the transponder, but a front license plate transponder is available.

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