Gas Saving Ideas for Towing a Travel Trailer

by Lenny Drew

Traveling is often a costly endeavor. When traveling by car or RV, fuel costs can make up a large portion of the cost of travel. The same is true when towing a travel trailer. Towing any type of trailer with your vehicle reduces your fuel economy. Travel trailers are often boxy and provide little streamlining. There are several ways to save gas when towing a travel trailer.

Watch Your Driving Habits

According to the Trailer Life website, your driving habits can affect your gas mileage while towing a trailer. Since drag goes up as speed increases, slowing your speed to 55 miles per hour will dramatically improve your gas mileage. Avoiding sudden acceleration or deceleration will also improve mileage. The incomplete combustion produced by erratically hitting your gas pedal leads to reduced mileage.

Inflate Your Tires

Inflate your tires to near their allowable maximum PSI. Trailer Life says that you can cut 3 percent from your gas consumption by maintaining properly inflated tires. Additionally, chronically under-inflated tires can cause wear on the tires and increase the risk of a blowout on the highway.

Remove Excess Items From the Trailer Roof

Trailers by nature are not very aerodynamic. Smooth airflow over the surface of a trailer will reduce drag and therefore increase your gas economy, saving you fuel. If you have boxes or other non-sleek items on your roof, place them inside the trailer, or buy aerodynamic roof containers for the items.

Get Rid of Extra Weight

CNN Money recommends removing unnecessary weight from your vehicle. Any extra weight requires energy to be moved, using costly gas. Likewise, in a trailer, any extra weight that has to be towed will cost you gas and money.

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