1946 Chevy Pickup Specs

by Jackson Michael
Chevrolet image by Daniel Toliver from Fotolia.com

World War II forced American auto manufacturers to limit production of vehicles. 1946 marked a return to pre-war assembly numbers. Chevrolet built over 300,000 trucks in 1946, compared to 36,000 in 1945. Pickup sizes included 1/2-ton, 3/4-ton, 1-ton and 1 1/4-ton, and designs were based on the 1941 models, the final year of full production before the war.


Wheelbase size increased by 10.25 inches per weight class. For example: a 1/2-ton truck's wheelbase measured 115 inches, a 3/4-ton's was 125.25 inches and a 1-ton's was 134.5 inches.

Wide Selection

Chevrolet produced several different models per size. Eight different models of 1/2-ton pickups were available. The 1-ton pickup came in 11 models, including three with dual rear wheels.

Length of Vehicle

Overall length differed for each weight class. A 1/2-ton pickup measured 195 3/16 inches from bumper to bumper, and a 3/4-ton measured 204 11/16 inches. The 1-ton and 1 1/2- ton trucks owned similar dimensions, stretching 222 3/8 and 223 3/4 inches respectively.

Bed Size

A 1/2-ton pickup's bed measured 48 1/2 inches by 78 inches by 16 1/2 inches. A 3/4-ton sported a longer 87-inch bed. The bed size of 1-ton and 1 1/2-ton pickups were equal: 52 7/16 inches by 108 3/32 inches by 19 7/8 inches.


Weights varied greatly depending on body type and model. The 1/2-ton trucks weighed between 2,300 and 3,385 lbs. Heavier models of 1/2-ton pickups weighed more than some 1-ton models.

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